Br. Bugnolo reports live from Warsaw, on the War in the Ukraine

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7 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo reports live from Warsaw, on the War in the Ukraine”

  1. Br. Bugnolo-
    Thank you for the good news. I hope the people of Ukraine can begin to heal very soon now.
    Thank you also for the great background. I used to draw historic buildings. Those are so interesting, and the afternoon light sure brought out the soft, warm colors of the stone.
    You’re a knowledgeable guide, with a wry sense of humor. Another enjoyable, informative report. Thank you.

    1. I stand corrected. But after vacationing with her at Davos in 1997, he began his rise to power, which shows that he is a WEF agent.

      1. Is it possible that the perpetrators agreed to use Ukraine as european Syria? I have seen that Klaus Schwab stated that Putin is among Young Global Leaders of WEF. What confuses me is that some big actors and members of WEF (Schwab, Merkel, Macron) and Soros condemned Russian assault on Ukraine.
        Is this some kind of “dog and ponny show” for naive audience? Does Putin really oposes plans of NWO or is he playing a key role?
        What is your opinion?

      2. I have answered this in my videos yes he is playing a key role. If he were not, his logistical preparation for this war would have given him victory already.

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