Br. Bugnolo reports live from Warsaw on the War in the Ukraine

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18 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo reports live from Warsaw on the War in the Ukraine”

  1. My appreciation and moral support for your effort!
    I wonder why, how and for what crazy reasons any genuine christian might be pro-Putin at this time. I am not,

  2. The Trolls were showing-up everywhere and perpetrating propaganda months before the insurgence into Ukraine….Bots even going into Chatboards of Religious Sites where some have fallen to the endless propaganda of Schwab’s nasty little WEF Nazi Cabal Puppet trained by the KGB who has chosen to wrongfully ATTACK an independent country ‘CONSECRATED TO THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY’. These people clearly are NOT aware of this Putin’s Crimes Against Humanity placing him into position as one of the wealthiest Oligarchs in Dictatorship or maintaining it. PUTIN is the one active in a NAZI ORGANIZATION FOR 25 yrs. PUTIN is the one corrupt who associates with others of the Russian Underworld who are corrupt. Given the situation of Ordering Russia into War COVERTLY where they WERE NOT AWARE they were even going to War is insane. The Soldiers and Sailors contacting family to inform family of what’s happened are making the morale of the Russians clear for the world. It is time for the Ukraines to go into Russia and give Russia a taste of their crap…Take some large planes into Moscow and bomb the hell out of The Kremlin, Red Tower and other known buildings (NOT CHURCHES) in Red Square known to all the World. Of course, LEAVE THE PEOPLE ALONE AS THEY DID NOT DO ANYTHING WRONG.
    Russia may need to remember memories of past invasions of other countries onto them to learn to NOT INVADE OTHER PEOPLE’S TERRITORY…To learn how to play nice with the other kids. To respect our Lord Jesus Christ and live according to Peace for Prosperity as the Russian people have had now for a couple of decades; enjoying the benefits of full membership into the world’s citizenship having opportunities, benefits and freedom. Of course, many understand any aversion to the rampant homosexuality, abortion on demand, porn and gender confusion Putin seems to NOT WISH TO INFECT HIS Population…And, he’s strong enough to have stood opposed to this. He once COULD have ENDED APPROVAL OF THIS SOCIAL EVIL and could have better influenced it to NOT SPREAD.
    You hang-in there against all the Trill, Shills, Bots and hacking of all kinds…The lies and propaganda will NOT WIN when the Russian Soldiers, themselves oppose this action of Putin.

  3. Are you sure Russia started the war? Is it this straightforward? You never heard of the coup in 2014 and the 8 years of shelling of West Ukraine, which killed about 12 thousand people?

    1. Your argument changes the meaning of “war” in its two propositions. This is a classical non sequitur. Try again.

  4. You are very certain that Putin does not have casus belli. I have to say that I really don’t know if he does or not. Just to be clear, I regard anyone who manages to reach high political office to be amoral until proven otherwise. This is why I regard all government statements to be suspect. In my nearly sixty years I have seen the US lie the public into too many wars to believe anything that they say anymore than I would trust the Russian government.

    The usual approach that the US uses to start a war seems to involve a false flag incident, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident comes to mind. When that doesn’t work then direct provocation like Pearl Harbor is the method employed and used to great effect by FDR.

    You are American so you know the standard story about Pearl Harbor being a surprise attack which is in fact a huge lie. John Toland wrote a book called “Infamy” that called that theory into question. It was “Day of Deceit” by Robert Stinnett that provided enough documentary evidence to show that FDR set the whole thing up and knew the attack was coming.

    I highly recommend both books and would gladly order you copies of them.

    That said, your efforts to deal the humanitarian consequences are exactly the right call. I have no problem donating toward that effort as soon as I get to my own computer.

    1. Galen, the Tonkin incident was the bombing of a ship. The Pear Harbour attack was allowed, but it was in fact launched by Japan who would have attacked just the same whether they arrived at Pearl Harbour or were intercepted beforehand. So neither of your arguments is pertinent or sound. I do not regard the fact that Russia is invading and at war with Ukraine as a govt fact which is suspect, as I have been in train stations in Poland filled with Ukrainians who confirm there is a war and that their cities are under attack by Russians. So you see, my argument is factual, not based on suspicions of the past.

  5. All I’m saying is where was the outrage against human tragedy when thousands were being slaughtered in 2014 ? Were they not too people who deserved to be protected ?
    Where’s the outrage that our Christian brothers and sisters are daily slaughtered in Africa?
    And as you stated correctly Brother – that regardless of corrupt government people need to be protected – well is that not true for the Russian people as well ? They are all ‘bad’ now because of their government and deserve to be punished by the world ?
    I’m not attacking you Brother Alexis – But I lived under communist oppression- I was a refugee with my family in hiding for a year – AS well as my husband was with his family for a year in a refugee camp in Denmark – I do know firsthand of oppression – of not knowing if your parents will come home after standing in line for a loaf of bread and a stick of lard for 9 hours – but I tell you there is no worse propaganda than western propaganda – I’m just saying to keep an open mind – I’m not stating also that there is not a real human tragedy here – that there are not real refugees – these people are being used as pawns by the world governments – including Zalensky- for their agendas – there is not one government that is trustworthy- including the president of my homeland Poland – who is a member of WEF

    1. Seeing that Russia has never been invaded by anyone since Adolf Hitler’s day, I will agree that Russians are not being persecuted. Though the Chechyns might have been funded by Saudi Arabia.

  6. Dear Br Alexis,
    Your work is very much appreciated and it is especially helpful when you share your knowledge for applied Catholic history, anthropology, and spiritual Friar insight which is, by far, more powerful and constructive than any corporate media narrative.
    There is so much more going on than we will ever know but Heavenly Father knows it all and only He has all the answers.
    Your natural talent for shepherding our focus onto Him in any given moment is a great gift and, in fact, where the real war is….especially now that so many of us lack genuine spiritual leadership that can be trusted. So how wonderful is He who Created this spiritually resourceful and courageous Franciscan Friar to shepherd the flocks (plural!) at this historical and challenging point in time…..
    Thank you, Br Alexis, for all that you do.
    (((✨May God bless, protect, and guide you in every way✨)))

  7. Br Alexis:

    Thank you for providing support and care for the fleeing masses. Please make known that the peoples fleeing are waiting days to pass into safe territory. There should be pressure put on the Regime to quickly and safely pass these people into the EU, and my fellow Poles should increase the screening personnel to process the multitude faster. Lets expedite their leaving the war zone!

    As to the arming of an International Brigade, The Russian “General Staff has already stated that it does not consider them combatants with all the ensuing consequences, no conventions on prisoners of war apply here.”

    These men will be executed and tactically they will have no meaningful effect on the outcome of the war. They have no armor or training, they will be slaughtered. Please consider the greater loss of life of these brave souls from around the world who will die in vain. May we reduce the death toll and not waste precious Christian Warriors on an already lost war.

    1. The Ukrainian govt is offering these men immediate Ukrainian citizenship so that they will not be considered mercenaries. And though body armour is good, not all soldiers need it. If you want to avoid loss of life, pledge as a member of so I can buy body armour for some of the volunteers.

  8. Body Armor will not defend against 7.62 caliber or higher military armor piercing rounds. The only thing that will stop such rounds are specially made plates, Level IV Military Grade for 7.62. If you can get your hands on them, that will be helpful, but as we have seen in this war even armored vehicles are no protection against heavy weapons. Indeed, body armor is useless against artillery and bombing, which is what awaits combatants who stay in the field.

    The force of international fighters will be useless on the battlefield as a maneuvering tactical unit, so they will be positioned in cities and towns, where the professional soldiers, complete with air power and artillery will either ferret them out and execute them, or decimate them with overwhelming bombardment.

    It is war, and there will be death on all sides, but reinforcements of civilians with mere battle rifles will not change the tide of war. As to citizenship, even if captured the Chechen’s will quickly realize foreign personnel don’t speak Ukrainian or Russian and dispatch of them, passport or no passport. The merciful option is to direct foreign fighters to work in Poland helping the displaced persons, wounded soldiers, and families and pray for a quick ending of the violence.

    1. Robert, all of the international fighters are veterans of the military and many are battle hardened men. If you think they are going to be deployed without an unit organiation, or that small tactical squads armed properly will have no effect, I dare say you know nothing about tactics. Many of the Western nations have donated and are donating specialized anti tank and anti armor weaponry which only these international volunteers properly know how to use, so their participation will be crucial. Many also are battle hardened in urban warfare from Iraq and will be crucial in defending cities. Also, as all military historians know, even lightly armed infantry in great numbers can push back and defeat heavily and properly armored troops. Just ask McCarthur if you doubt me. So in all, I think you doubts are merely defeatest and are based on little knowledge of the situation on the ground in the Ukraine.

  9. Dear Brother Bugnolo,

    People are lost and stray. Lost in the darkness…

    And they have no fate as their fate is in earthly things.

    God bless Poland!

    Thank you!


  10. Exactly!
    Brother Bugnolo you read my mind!
    Victory of Ukrainian people is defeat of the New World Order!
    It is end of NATO and EU! It is the end of NWO! It is the end of Agenda 2030!
    Without Bolshevik Russia there is no NWO!
    God bless you!

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