The Failed Logistics of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine — A Documentary

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8 thoughts on “The Failed Logistics of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine — A Documentary”

  1. Putin fights the new world order,
    ukraine fights FOR the new world order, as mentioned by a Ukrainian mp on video.

    1. Putin IS A PART OF THE GROUP IMPLEMENTING THE “NEW WORLD ORDER”…AS A Graduate of the First Class of Grads out of Schwab’s WEF Young Leaders Program with Angela Merkel in the 1990’s. It is the organization CONSPIRING WITH THE CCP, AND PLANNING THE GREAT RESET. It is ran by the Billionaire Corporatists, Politicians, University Directors, etc. Putin is also the Oligarch of Oligarchs…One of the most personally wealthy of men in the world. Whoever this person is writing this piece, is terribly misinformed and does NOT know Putin’s history. Zelensky has is NOT a member of The WEF, but there are people in the Ukrainian Parliament who have admitted to fighting for the New World Order and ARE a part of the WEF.
      Corruption DOES EXIST EVERYWHERE and while Zelensky may have been a recipient of corrupt money…There’s no indication he’s murdered anybody as Putin has by the thousands and tens of thousands for money and power.
      If people are supporting Putin to try to relieve some sense of GUILT; or to SUPPRESS some sense of GUILT…Sorry, can’t do it by rendering Putin to be any kind of hero. He’s Criminally Insane…Loves causing misery and pain. Has no rules and boundaries. Intentionally targets the innocent and helpless.
      No way around the fact.

  2. So many different voices ,it’s hard to know what’s going on ,some hailing Putin as a champion fighting the New World Order and claiming the President of Ukraine is a puppet put in by the West ,but as always it’s the people on the ground who suffer not their leaders.It turns out Ukraine was the first nation in the World to be consecrated to the Mother of God .

    1. There is NO West or East.
      The Globalist WEF Cabal out of Davos controlled by Klaus (A Rothschild) Schwab/Bill Gates/Wellness Trust out of the UK and has membership of both east and west. It is comprised of Bankers, Billionaires, University Directors, Scientists, Movie Stars, Politicians, Judges and Attorneys, Doctors and, anybody considered influential. It CONSPIRES with the CCP.
      Putin graduated from the WEF Young Leaders Group with Angela Merkel in the 1990’s and Putin has been allowed off Schwab’s WEF leash to attack Ukraine to cause chaos, confusion, destruction, death to continue what the first phase of World War 3 WITH BIO WARFARE began…A war now going into the 3rd Year.
      For you to understand the goals and overall purpose this group has…Find it online and spend a few days going into the site. It’s pretty open and clear about its goals…You see, they really think they have already WON AND PEOPLE WILL WILLINGLY bow to them and become their SLAVES. THIS IS THE UNELECTED Govt. which is Fascist…Behind the Elected Govt. of the west we’ve all sensed to exist and didn’t know the name of until now. It wishes to totally eradicate all Catholicism and religions in favor of the ‘One World Religion’. If you wish for more information…There are two places to begin beyond “FROMROME” which is a great source of information. Those two places are the WEF (World Economic Forum) and “Church Militant”. Both have highly accurate information to provide background information and up-to-date News. From there, you can find MANY other sources.

  3. People really are confused about this Putin even after such a history of multiple THOUSANDS of innocents murdered through the years for his own and Russias gain…NO MATTER THE COST.
    Can’t believe people aren’t aware of Putin’s real history and the fact that he’s the HEAD OF RUSSIA’S Orthodox Church.

  4. Some misguided people today are thinking in terms of this war [possibly the beginning of world war 3] is like unto a sport’s match in which each person must choose the side he/she is choosing to belong to as a sort of fan mentality. The programming of multitudes of people in the present world has reached its pinnacle in this sort of mentality also known as the system in which people have been brainwashed, mind controlled, psychologically manipulated, etc.

    We have seen both sides of the manipulation in which communications’ sources are rooting for Russia and hero like Putin, while others are rooting for Ukraine and hero like Zelensky.

    We have been duped by both team Putin and team Zelensky because they are both evil members of team satan as is provable if you research them both.

    THE VICTIMS ARE THE VICTIM / PEOPLES OF UKRAINE AND THE VICTIMS / PEOPLES OF RUSSIA WHO ARE INVOLVED in the evils being carried out by the so called ruling classes in these countries involved and the so called elite globalist satanists at the top of the pyramid and their accomplices and agents world- wide in every country in which they have been placed.

    GOD has revealed that HIS PLAN will be the ONLY PLAN THAT WILL SUCCEED. GOD’S PLAN is that THE hoped for and promised CONSECRATION of RUSSIA will be accomplished. Therefore, this will usher in the TRIUMPH OF THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY. The PLAN OF THE ONE TRUE GOD will succeed, while the plan of the false god satan and his minions [his evil children] is terminally doomed to failure.

    WAKE THE HELL UP and PRAY YOUR DAILY ROSARY for GOD’S PLAN to be realized. This HOLY ROSARY has been established by heaven and repeatedly revealed by THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. SHE stated many times that the HOLY ROSARY is the weapon for our time, and it has been given an insurmountable efficacy in our present war time against the war time evil ones who are all the enemies of JESUS CHRIST.

    PRAY THE DAILY HOLY ROSARY as you have been told to do by GOD and THE MOTHER OF GOD.

    1. Amen. We Catholics need to get this message across. So many drink propaganda. So few live the teachings of the Gospel.

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