Large Firework tossed into Belarus Embassy grounds at Rome, Italy

Editor’s Note: Large fireworks, which we could call noisemakers, in the USA, are easily obtained in Italy since they are not illegal. That one was tossed into embassy grounds is not necessarily a sign of political protest by Ukrainians, as Roman youth are wont to target those who are considered political pariahs.

Yet, it is not surprising or irrational to suppose that this was no innocent act of mayhem. Rome has a far right political group known for violence and protected by authorities, called, “Casa Pound”, after a fascist thinker by the name of Pound.

What is a BioLab?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

A BioLab is a moniker for a Biological Research Laboratory. In such facilities research into living organisms is studied and examined. A BioLab in of itself has nothing to do with warfare or the study of pathogens. Take as this case example, a description of the biolabs at Texas Southern University:

So don’t be mislead by propaganda in assuming that every such lab is working on biological warfare, or is funded by the US Government, of if so funded, is working on biological warfare or pathogens.

But the underlying argument being advanced from QAnon is simply silly and totally evil. And it goes like this:

  1. Every nation which has biolabs is working on biological warfare.
  2. Biological warfare research is just cause for invading a nation.
  3. Every major nation has biolabs.
  4. Therefore, anyone who attacks any major nation has just cause to do so.
  5. Welcome to Hell.

The History and Origin of the “Russia is destroying Bio-Labs in Ukraine” line

Editor’s Note: A good number of readers have asked about this story. I publish this article, because of its detailed account of who started the story and how it spread. None of which confirms or denies whether it is true, but it does give indications, since QAnon is a proven source of false myths. — The problem is, that most people spread rumours which are unverified or from anonymous sources. Credence should not be given such things.