Coffin interviews Accosta on Pope Benedict XVI’s Renunciation — Part II

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2 thoughts on “Coffin interviews Accosta on Pope Benedict XVI’s Renunciation — Part II”

  1. This post is perhaps the most significant aid to truth you may have posted on your blog. Quote: “It is asserted that the challenges to a certain papal election must take place “immediately,” or otherwise the adhaesio doctrine teaches that the Pope is the Pope. Which raises the question: what does “immediately” even mean?” — The moment I saw Bergoglio step onto the balcony of St Peter’s, before he opened his mouth, everything in me revolted, and my stomach knotted in terror. I was confused at my own gut reaction– I wanted to love the new Pope. Then he opened his mouth, and by time he finished, my mind was telling me, “This is not the way a pope behaves– wrong, wrong, wrong. . .”
    But as a loyal little sheep who loves my church, I said nothing and forced myself to nominally accept him as pope.
    But I had doubts from the first moment, though I said nothing for a long time. [Until I realised he was *also* through ambiguity, advocating heresy] What did I, a layperson know? However much later, I learned that MANY other people had the same visceral revulsion upon first seeing him, that I did.

    So: — many of the laity interiorly challenged Bergoglio’s legitimacy on a purely interior and mystical level from the day he was “elected”. I conclude this was Sensus fidei , folks, in action! Comment?

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