Statue of St. Michael bleeds as divine sign of displeasure at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

St. Michael the Archangel is the patron Saint Protector of the Ukraine.

This story is for all those who say that Russia is of God and Ukraine is of the Devil.

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7 thoughts on “Statue of St. Michael bleeds as divine sign of displeasure at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine”

  1. Hmm… Angels don’t have bodies. Confusing signal.

    Nice supernatural iridescence from his sword might have been easier to pick up on… (Just sayin’.)

    1. Not at all. First of all, it’s not a signal, it’s a sign. From Scripture we know that St. Michael when God assigns him to protect a nation, stands guard against the evils spirits who influence the leaders of other nations and would attack. He fights against those spirits and fights with those who protect the nation entrusted by God to himself. This blood from the forehead is a sign that Putin in attacking Ukraine has attacked St. Michael, and thus, that Putin was inspired by Satan to do this evil deed. And this deed is greatly offensive to St. Michael who is the patron not only of kingdoms but military forces. St. Michael therefore in return is fouling the Russian invasion by sowing confusion among the ranks of the Russian Military, is leaving her general unprotected so that they be captured and killed in war, and is summoning his valiant servants from all nations to the defense of Ukraine. Blood comes forth from wounds, but blood also heals wounds. All this is symbolized in this miraculous sign.

      1. Hi Br Bugnolo

        Beautiful explanation. But I am quite confused with this situation. On one side, Putin has been warning against Nato expansionism for decades, and has been ignored. The US and UK have funded the building of two military bases that suposedly would be used by Nato. Nato already has bases in Poland and Romania. If the Crusades were considered a just war, what would it take for Russia to be justified in this war?

      2. War is a moral act. There is nothing Russia can do to end its injustice except end the war, return all territories and pay massive reparations. Then Russia needs to do a national act of public penance. And then God and men can forgive her.

  2. Beautiful clarification. Thank you, Br. Alexis. Sancte Michele, Ora pro nobis.

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