The History and Origin of the “Russia is destroying Bio-Labs in Ukraine” line

Editor’s Note: A good number of readers have asked about this story. I publish this article, because of its detailed account of who started the story and how it spread. None of which confirms or denies whether it is true, but it does give indications, since QAnon is a proven source of false myths. — The problem is, that most people spread rumours which are unverified or from anonymous sources. Credence should not be given such things.

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7 thoughts on “The History and Origin of the “Russia is destroying Bio-Labs in Ukraine” line”

  1. After much research and exploration, still can’t determine who or what Qanon is as it just popped-up AGAIN, out of nowhere. It’s now arrived just as it originated in the White House Press Room WITH THE FALSE NEWS LEGACY Media I refer to as ‘wolf crying terror monger censors’ paid for by The Schwab/Gates/Xi WEF Cabal…As a false path. IT MEANS NOTHING…Just an invention to paint Trump as the Con/Scammer/Traitor the Puppets of the WEF and the Media/Big Tech REALLY ARE.

    1. QAnon and Q are psyops to keep stringing people along a certain line of narrative rather than thinking for themselves. It run by sadistic intelligence assets. And has all the markings of a MKUltra program.

    1. You heard things she never said, and you obviously need to know what kind of biolabs there are. I just did a post on that. Russia has biological warfare research facilities, yes.

  2. I recall the same Lies and propaganda when USA and allies used the weapons of mass Destruction Lie to remove governments in Middle East … Giving rise to The Muslim be-headers who slaughtered many Christians.. Now the shoe is on the other foot with Russia doing more of the same thing. Time will tell if there really were Bio-Labs in Ukraine. “The prince of the power of the Air” Eph 2:2 uses Lies and deceit on many facets. Nothing of this World can be trusted any longer… john B

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