The War is against Christianity, from both East and West

The EU joined Russia in the war against Christianity, in their vote today to sanction Poland and Hungary:

This news is not surprisingly being ignored except in Malta:

And here is a simply graphic showing the alliances:

Biolabs in Ukraine built by Soviets, used now to destroy Soviet Biological Agents

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Fox News reporter Jane Griffin has investigated the claim of Russia bombing Ukrainian Biological Warfare labs funded by the USA. And this is what she found…

According to the National Pulse, here is one example, in Odessa, Russia, which Biolab to’s knowledge has NOT been bombed by Russian Federation Forces, and for obvious reasons, as no one wants these agents in the air:

What’s interesting in this QAnon narrative, is that it is pro-Russian, intentionally misinforming, and that there are no pictures yet on social media of ANY bombed biolab. Only a map created in the USA alleging such targeting. The game revolves around pointing to a BioLab and claiming its a Biological Warfare Lab. It’s your standard bait and switch deception, that every street corner swindler uses.

May shame fall upon all who attack honest Americans who hold the line on the truth and not let lies be introduced to justify international crime, the murder of thousands of civilians, and the rape of a sovereign Christian nation.

Finally, I totally approve this observation, which was published on the official account of Ordo Militaris Catholicus. I think it will make all who read it stop and think, and reflect on their own motivations with Christian humility.

Typo Alert: never for nerve

U.S. Department of State officially denies existence of Biological Warfare Labs in Ukraine