One thought on “Putin’s War against Civilian non-combattants”

  1. Maximillien Popp is Globalist WEF Cabal puppet, no doubt. There is a difference between Christians and Muslims; Muslims LOVE to murder Christians and DO rape and murder Christians. Their religion directs them to MURDER Christians. The Ukraine’s don’t MURDER Christians and there is a genetic relationship as well as ‘Common Enemies’. The WEF Puppet, Soros, really shouldn’t go around the world purchasing insurgents to invade the west. How about LEAVE THE Globalist WEF Nazi Communist Cabal since there are those who will NOT ALLOW IT TO GET ITS WAY. The old King/Vassel, Master/Slave Doxology is NOT going to be acceptable for human relations ever again. We have been in WW3 for over two years since the PLANNED Bio Warfare with their engineered Virus was released and all the bioweapons were mandated for all the world’s population.
    Schwab needs to put its Pootain pet back on their leash, but it won’t since all and more to come is all part of the plan to bring humanity to its knees to accept the Psychpathic Elites as MASTER.

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