Latest Map of Military Situation in the Ukraine: March 11, 2022 A. D..

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5 thoughts on “Latest Map of Military Situation in the Ukraine: March 11, 2022 A. D..”

  1. Hypothesis based upon several types of reasoning:
    1) Russians don’t want to suicide, so they don’t want a
    full scale nuclear war.
    2) They want to take over Ukraine as soon as possible with
    the lesser loss of soldiers and materiel.
    3) They want to show their determination (and desperation).
    4) They are having a lot of casualties (and maybe losing the
    war, I don’t know…) because of ELECTRONICS in missiles
    like JAVELIN, TOW, MILAN, Bophors-BILL, STINGER, etc.
    5) Surely the GPS systems allows western weapons to aim
    esily (as an example, navigation of CRUISE missiles over
    the seas are HIGHLY DEPENDANT of GPS).

    1) Russians are going to attack GLOBAL POSITION SYSTEM
    satellites… this will cause a disruption of GPS in ALL THE
    2) They will use several ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE WEAPONS… (nuclear and NON-nuclear) in order to damage
    electronics in all those defensive anti-tank, anti-helicopter
    3) They hope that after that action, never before attempted,
    FEAR WILL EXTEND in the European population, and that
    after mass protest, NWO governments will fail. As an example
    in France but also in Germany there are groups of military
    against this politics of harassing Russia in his borders.


      1. I think I have read that there is more than one kind of GPS satellite system in orbit, & it might be possible to take out one nation’s system, & not another’s .
        On the bright side: suppose they do take out some GPS satellites– individuals couldn’t be tracked via their cell phones.
        Also, people would have to learn to use a compass & map (as their grandparents did) which is a skill worth having.

  2. Global Orwellian Tactics 2022!
    Divide and …..?
    The Australian National COVID Cabinet has been playing that deadly Russian Roulette with Families …. by spreading the LIE of the century: “Unvaccinated are spreading CORON VIRUS disease….” AND TOO MANY FAMILIES submit like obedient robots to be jabbed with the EXPERIMENTAL S H O T S in the arm … oh! hum! … how many Families became Lab Rats! and so discord began! between the VAXXED & the clean!

    Let us pray and let us do what it takes to STOP VAX WARS & gun fire!

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