The Globalists wanted the Invasion of Ukraine so as to divide humanity into camps which hate one another

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Globalists have shown themselves to be experts in the diabolic use of psychological techniques to conquer and enslave minds. We saw how effectively they did that with the unsubstantiated claims of a Pandemic, of the existence of a new pathogen, SarsCov19, and of the effectiveness of a lethal toxic experimental gene altering serum, called the Covid Vaccines.

Most bought these lies and remain incapable of even accepting liberation of the minds from their dearest and closest familly, friends and colleagues.

The same is happening with the war in the Ukraine.

Russia has clearly violated international law by attacking a sovereign state. She has clearly violated just war principles in attacking a state

  1. that wanted to join a self-protection alliance and align itself with other European Countries,
  2. which posed and poses no imminent threat to the territorial integrity of Russia,
  3. which never issued any threats against Russia or her allies,
  4. which was not engaged in an act of war against Russia or its allies,
  5. in which the people want to protect and maintain their own sovereignty and independence

But in the last 12 years, Russian state sponsored propaganda has painted an image of Putin as a Saint — even though he has assassinated and murdered dozens of journalists, military officers and dissidents who disagreed with him.

And thus, following the massive disillusionment many have with their globalist controlled governments, outside of Russia, it was only natural that they would be prone to run to some sort of image of security, that they could grasp to.

But instead of turning to God, they turned to Putin. Just as in the USA, instead of turning to God, they turned to Trump.

Such men can never be our saviors. That should be obvious.

But for us Catholics, it is even more surprising, that the adherents of Putin, have gone so far as to deny international law, just war principles, morality and the teaching of Scripture on these things to sustain their new Divine Daddy Savior, Vladimir Putin.

Wherever I go in Poland, when discussing these things, Poles and Ukrainians alike shake their heads that there are such deceived westerners who look to Putin as their savior.

The Catholics and Orthodox of Poland and Ukraine are united in the truth. They know who Putin is, and they collaborate together, each in their own way, to defeat his malign plans for the Ukraine.

To my readers, forgive me if I tire of giving the haters of truth the time and pleasure of calumniating others. So from now on, all comments which deny these principles of morality, just war, international law, from whomsoever they come, will not be published and their authors will be banned from all future comments.

If you want to merit damnation, I cannot stop you. But I am not obliged to publish your sinful screed at FromRome.Info.

And if you disagree with my editorial policy or Catholic Faith, then have the integrity to read another site, like Russia Today.


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10 thoughts on “The Globalists wanted the Invasion of Ukraine so as to divide humanity into camps which hate one another”

  1. Patriarch Cyril’s speech of last Sunday was a good example of the cæsaropapist narrative that Putin has been imposing on the Russian Orthodox Church and that has contaminated many Catholics around the world who are embracing Russia’s errors as if Our Lady hadn’t warned us.

  2. Don’t receive the discussions, but they must be pretty terrible if anything as the one string I did receive displaying adulation of Putin and spouting false pride of the bombs, rockets and shells…”Shock and awe.”
    I concur with you completely and there are MANY in the world who do…All declaring, claiming faith in Jesus Christ. They are those who have courage to face reality as it is. It’s odd, some claiming faith really don’t have a clue…Their ‘world view’ seems to be “looking through rose-colored glasses”. Seems to be based in ‘closed-minds/hearts’. Some people, of course, have never had to deal with tragedy or perhaps there’s been too much tragedy; either way, it’s about missing the warning. It’s certain for it not to be the first time you’ve encountered these kinds of folks since they’re so numerous.
    Br., you’re a very over-worked person right now and a bit short in temper and it’s certain to not help when confronted with chosen blindness, hysterical fear, denial, and all the other Freudian ego defenses; or, delusions while so totally busy and enduring chaos of an unnecessary war wrought by Psychopaths letting a pet Pootain the leash. Hang-in there and know there are many on your same page…I’m praying for you and will pray an extra ‘Hail Mary’ to provide more cushion in tolerating fools.

  3. “Highly Orchestrated Events Between Ukrainian Pres. Zelenskyy and Russian Pres. Putin as they’re both connected to the World Economic Forum (WEF). Alex Newman and Brannon Howse reveal that Putin has been working with the WEF since the early 1990s and Klaus Schwab said that he was a member of the WEF Young Global Leaders. Alex Newman said that Henry Kissinger and Putin are close friends and he advises the Russian president frequently. Newman went on to reveal that Putin plays along with the the climate fraud of the United Nations because he knows it is a scam to de-industrialize the West and bring in the New World Order. The pair discuss the end goal of world government and the globalists’ strategy force the US into the system.” – 3 March, 2022

  4. I hold onto Jesus and Our Lady of Fatima who explicitly says Russia will spread her errors and to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate heart. No matter what anyone tries to paint Putin as, the Truth of Our Lady should be first and foremost in every Catholic by which to judge the news of the day. Pray for Peace and for Her Immaculate Heart to triumph.
    Ave Maria!

  5. “But instead of turning to God, they turned to Putin. Just as in the USA, instead of turning to God, they turned to Trump.”

    Amen to that! Truth… and an accurate parallel drawn here.

  6. NATO should have been disbanded decades ago.
    how would you like it if russia installed biowarfare
    labs, missiles and military bases in canada, mexico,
    and the caribbean? america falsely installed our jewish
    homosexual oligarch billionaire pupped in ukraine in
    2014. the citizens didn’t choose him- we did.

  7. Putin is our enemy, not because he heads Russia, but because he is part of the globalist elite. But so are Trump and Biden, Zelensky et al.

    Remember who your true enemies are, little people. And that there is strength in numbers.

  8. The final Epilogue is The One World order, when the Phoenix rises from the ashes..
    A diabolical scheme not only to enslave humanity under the total control of what the bible calls the Beast. Rev 13:15,
    Much more than that, is the damnation of souls lost having worshipped the beast and his image.
    Many will be saying I do not worship anything why should I worship the Beast..
    Dear friend; I will tell you why, you who stand in arrogance thinking that you are your your own god.
    Do not think that you are beyond deceit…
    The fact that you do not worship your creator already proves your deceitful delusion..
    Be assured; the time cometh when your creator, God Himself will give you over to the Lie by the means of “The Strong delusion” which He bring upon all who have refused the Love of the truth. 2Thes:8-12
    Even those key players on the world stage advocating and working for the NWO will succumb to this strong delusion at the revealing of the Lawless One (Satan’s strong man)
    As for us who have committed our souls for safekeeping to the Great shepherd 1Pet 2:25. We are the players on the stage of Mt Zion (the heavenly Jerusalem) from where we see the diabolical plan evolve….
    “Let us keep our eyes on Jesus the Author and finisher of our Faith” Heb 12:2
    For it is not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit saith the Lord. Zac 4:6
    john B

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