Russian Pilot: “We have already lost this war”

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4 thoughts on “Russian Pilot: “We have already lost this war””

    1. The question coukd be asked of any report, but since he shows his face, let those who doubt first prove he is not a military pilot before they call him a liar to sustain their doubt, bc otherwise they not he are the liars and calumniators.

  1. Thank you. I really appreciate clear Catholic thinking applied to real events.

  2. Russians have had access to the Free World for several years and they know to distrust propaganda. The “doubt” inherent to what they know of Ukraine and of actually having family and a shared language skills with Ukraine must rip the guts out of many Russians. I believe this man really does hate doing what he was ordered to do. I also think he’s probably pleased he’s done with the war and will not have to enact war on the Ukrainians again. Any Russian would be wise to just stop and turn himself in to be a P.O.W. Regardless of anything ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’ pet Pootain does; there can be no real DISTRACTION from ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’ puppets in positions of highest power in western countries behaving as ‘Wanna-Be’ Hitlers. Nobody is going to forget the Johnson, Trudeau, Morrison, Ardern Fascists locking down and masking their countries for months at a time…Or, Mandating ‘Gene Therapies’ engineered LONG BEFORE the Virus was released according to Patent Office History or closing down churches, beating and bloodying Citizens, using attack Dogs as in Belgium…So many Totalitarian Regime Nightmares. Nobody in the U.S. is going to forget the FRAUD/CHEATING of the 2020 Elections bringing-on the incompetence of their preferred Puppet Ras Putinesque Regime and the death/destruction it’s enacted in its senility and Treason onto the world.
    Time for ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’ to put the leash back on their pet Pootain with their ORDERED Conventional War Terrorizing and Murdering Innocents.
    Time for ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal and all the puppets implementing WW3 to be indicted, go on trial and held accountable for ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’s’ WW3 beginning with the release of the engineered Virus enacting the start of the Bio Warfare.
    Enough is enough…It’s time to go to Davos and clean-out the Billionaire Corporatist THUGS and Elite Ruling Class BULLIES waging war on ‘CITIZEN PATRIOTS’ as once and for all.

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