5 thoughts on “WEF Scrubs all evidence that Russia & Putin are members”

  1. More TERRIFIED than originally assessed to be. NO WAY is Pootain is released…The WEF Cabal ORDERED this Second Phase of their little WW3 after all the fun with the First Phase Bio Warfare engineered with bioweapons they engineered. Things ARE GOING TO GET WORSE…When evil isn’t achieving its goals; IT DOUBLES DOWN.
    Biden is also RE-Implementing the Covid Restrictions again now, too.
    Must pray even more and harder.

  2. Ukrainian President Selenskyj also seems to belong to the WEF:
    Selenskyj zum WEF im Jahr 2020: Wir schlagen vor, dass Sie Stakeholder der “neuen” Ukraine sind (redvoicemedia.com)
    Wolodymyr Selenskyj | Weltwirtschaftsforum (weforum.org)

    So the whole war is about a phony war to bring about the Great Reset???
    Or is Putin fighting against the Great Reset, because Klaus Schwab had freezed relations to Putin and Russia is excluded from the Great reset
    Russland von Great Reset ausgeschlossen: Klaus Schwab friert Beziehungen zu Putin ein – Wochenblick.at

    1. Putin is part of the WEF. They are all excellent actors and liars. Have you not noticed anything in the last 24 months?

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