In the long Run, China will be chief beneficiary of War in the Ukraine

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6 thoughts on “In the long Run, China will be chief beneficiary of War in the Ukraine”

  1. It would be myopic to overlook the “short-run” gains the CCP might well grab for itself whilst a Godless West hems/haws over millions being refugee status in a matter of days. However, was not such part of the plan when NWO-ers shepherded one of their own to head a new Ukrainian government? It is nearly as though Putin were Napoleon in reverse, being lulled into an impossible “win” which his conceit, nonetheless, permits him to envision.

    13 Mar — a Fatima # & the gospel of the Transfiguration. “Tell no man the vision” applies no longer either to the 3rd Secret: what has Rome been keeping us from learning?

    St Patrick’s likewise commences the novena anticipating the Incarnation; St Joseph accompanies us in its pious fulfillment. Exsurge Domine….

      1. Does this mean those kind of profits make China is superior? Aren’t some claiming China owns America and has been behaving accordingly since a certain Chinese song was played in the Whitehouse under Obama or Bush?

  2. This war will escalate.. what Russia has begun will be finished by China (the chastising sword of the Lord)

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