Is Vladimir Putin an antichrist?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Saint John the Apostle warned us 2000 years ago, nearly, to beware of the spirit of the Antichrist afoot in this world. But he added that many antichrists already existed in his own day, and identified them as all who left the communion of the one Holy Catholic and Orthodox Church — what we all used to call the Church before 1048 A. D. — through heresy, leading others astray and against Jesus Christ.

In his own day, he identified these as those who refused to believe that the Son of God became man and suffered as a man for our redemption.

In our day, there are also many antichrists. But it is not so easy to identify them, because few know their faith well, and fewer still live that faith with fervor. Indeed, we live in an age in which we are constantly spoon fed lies and urged to zealously propagandize them.

And in doing this, we become servants of Satan, who, as Christ said, was a liar and a murderer from the beginning.

We also live in an age of great vice. Especially as regards those vices of which the beloved Disciple wrote: pride of life, pride of the eyes, and pride of the flesh.

So very few react normally when it is pointed out to them from authoritative sources that they are wrong. Instead, they accuse others of pride for not accepting the lies they themselves are beholden too, on the basis of irrational arguments.

Those who had given themself up so such idolatries of spirit attacked Christ in His own days too, claiming He worked miracles by the power of devils. He rebuked their blasphemy by a simple rational argument: for if the house of Satan is divided against itself how does it stand? But if the finger of God is at work in these miracles, then the Kingdom of God is in your midst!

For these reasons, it is an obvious inference that Vladimir Putin is an antichrist.  First to be an antichrist, you have to be a baptized Chirstian. And he is. Second, you have to be so admired that you are perceived a leader. And he is. Third, you have to commit a horrible error or sin and lead others to do it. And he has done this in undertaking a war of aggression contrary to the teaching of the Prince of Peace, and that, against another Christian Nation.

I pointed out in my last live report, on March 11th, that such a sin is no small one. The Emperor of Austria committed the same sin according to kind, when he imposed an ultimatum upon Orthodox Serbia and invaded it. Pope Pius X rebuked him for it. And he lost his empire. He was also morally responsible in causa for the 20 million killed in the war as a consequence of his breach of international peace.

Putin too had admirable qualities in that he promoted Orthodoxy in Russia and opposed a lot of the degeneracy of the West. But he had dozens of his political opponents assassinated in the most cruel and clandestine manners. And just the other day another Oligarch from Russia was found hanging in his garage in London. At Putin’s command? Who knows.

But Putin was recruited by the World Economic Forum and raised to his position of power in Russia afterwards. He led Russia in a massive economic expansion which enriched a lot of people inside and outside of Russia. And though many fear him in Russia, he is also well loved and praised there for being the kind of leader Russia had under the Tsar.

But like all globalist leaders, what they appear to be is not what they are and they take their orders from the W.E.F. which is itself a tool of the Pilgrim Society and the Skull and Bones Lodge.

Can we blame all Russians for what Putin does? Certainly not. Even among his military in the Ukraine it is evident that they did not want this war against their brothers in Ukraine, many of whom are their blood relatives.

Can we excuse what Putin has done for any reason? No.

First, because to have a just cause in any war, there must be a proportionate reason to begin hostilities, and this is only 1) if the other side is a military threat and is planning invasion, or 2) the other side is under the rule of Satanists, and your side is not, and you enter to liberate the citizens of the other nation from Satanic rule.

Each kind of war requires different levels of evidence to establish this fact. And sometimes a nation has the right to begin hostilities by means of some prior treaty, whereby the other nation granted such a right, as a terms of armistice or peace.  Such was often the case in Europe before the French Revolution. Such was the case after the First Iraq War.

And in such cases, there can be light reasons to begin hostilities. But in all other cases the reasons must be grave and the principal motivation for aggression must be to neutralize the threat.

Attacking non-combatants in the opening month of war is an obvious sign that the war is not being conducted for any honest reason, because violence against non-combatants is never justified: it is always against the 5th Commandment of the Decalogue: Thou shalt not kill.

Declaring a war of aggression against an entire nation because of some group in that nation which is small, is also not a proportionate reason. This applies in this case, wherein Putin declared that he wants to denazify Ukraine, but attacks everyone.  It’s also very hypocritical of Putin to assert such a pretense when he got his power from a son of a Nazi, Klaus Schwab.

A proportional response would be to fund groups which oppose National Socialism or seek evidence on them to get them prosecuted according to the laws of Ukraine or international law. Did Russia ever do that? I do not know. I expect not, since he knows well that the Azov Brigade was supported by the Globalists to give him the pretense of a pretext for this war.

But many Christians by jettisoning faith, reason and all morality to support Putin, show that Putin is indeed an antichrist, who leads souls to perdition, as an angel of light.

I have lost number of the artful letters of calumny, libel, insult and most vicious language that have been penned against me for stating the truth of Christ and His teaching in matters of war and of coming to Poland to help Ukrainians of all kinds who are innocents and non-combatants.

I do not think I am prejudiced, when I say, that in every case of persons whom I have known, many of them benefactors, their behavior as Christians has gone from light to darkness in a matter of days. A sure sign that they are no longer following the Child Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

Some of them even accuse me of throwing them under the bus, as they viciously pen a letter against me and send it to me. Projection.

Defensive Wars, however, require little justification, simple because the natural right of self defense grants sinners and saints and the mediocre the right to defend themselves against mortal threats. And since war is the most mortal of threats, one is nearly always justified in defending oneself from a war of aggression, in the first kind of war. In the second kind of war, I cited above, the defense is illegitimate inasmuch as it seeks to retain power over the innocent for their exploitation. But in the case, of two globalist leaders (speaking of their goals and motivations), only the nation  and its citizens which defends against the war of aggression can justly conduct war, since in just a case the natural law is the judge.

Let us pray for all the souls that Putin has led astray in Russia and outside of Russia and let us stand against all enemies of innocents and against the Great Reset and not allow them sacrifice the Christian Nation of Ukraine on the altars of Satan.


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  1. Our Lady of Fatima shrines worldwide are being asked to unite in prayer for the conversion of Russia on Sunday, March 13.

    The appeal was made by Father Andrzej Draws, rector of the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima in Krisovychi, western Ukraine (Lviv), following the full-scale Russian invasion of the country on Feb. 24.

    He has invited all shrines in honor of Our Lady of Fatima to unite in prayer for the conversion of Russia on March 13.

    Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima in Krisovychi
    Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima in Krisovychi
    Catholic church of St. Peter and Paul Fatima`s Mother of God in Krisovychi, Mostyska deanery.
    Decree of October 13, 1997

  2. Hi Br Bugnolo

    My difficulty in coming to the conclusion that Russia’s attack on Ukraine is unjust is that i was not clear that Putin is part of the WEF. I only found two links, but this was hardly enough for me to believe that he is. I had to listen to your commentary of the past few days to understand.

    Maybe it would help others come to the same conclusion if there were some information posted about who Putin really is. His background (i read somewhere that his mother is Jewish), how he came to be President (i read somewhere that he attended thr WEF in 1996), and that his carefully crafted image of defender of Christian values may just be propaganda.

    1. If anyone wants to suggest links, they can. But who is he is and why he personally did what he did, are morally distinct from the reasons he asserts for the aggression and conduct of the war. The war is judged on the basis of those reasons and conduct, for it cannot be judged on what is secret or in his heart.

      1. Right, but if people see that he is part of the WEF it will be easier to believe that Putin is not really a Russian nationalist, and so not an ally of other Christian nationalists, and that Russia would not be potentially threatened by American nukes in Ukraine.

        Here are a few links :

        They are taken from this very good post :

  3. Thank-you Br. Bugnolo…Ability to Suffer Fools must be a gift God has Blessed you with. God Bless and Take Care.


    is more like the KING of TERROR of NOSTRADAMUS!
    (He received the power in September 1999, and
    according to GIOELE MAGALDI he is a Freemason

    Nostradamus quatrain X.72
    “The year NINETEEN NINETY (NINE/NEW), seventh month,
    From the sky will come a great King of “TERROIR” (Lands):
    To bring back to life the great King of ANGOULMOIS,
    Before and after (2000?) MARS to reign by early time.

    ANGOULMOIS –> MONGOULAIS (lands of the Mongols)

    But it is a double-prophecy, also about the birth of the
    New Christian-King of France.

  5. Incredibly PUTIOIN * is mentioned with the
    HIDDEN LATIN CODE 50-50-50-50-50-50-50-50-50-50
    in the section the ITALIAN BOOK OF REVELATION…
    Chap 14. where there is a STATUE (maybe a robot ?) and
    can be read “people are brought and forced to give allegiance”.
    (near ROTCHEN, like to suggest He is a Rothschilds puppet)

    50-50-50-50 in the ITALIAN version of the APOCALYPSE
    (in the C.E.I. Italian Bible of the late 70’s first 80’s)
    A code discovered by rabbi CHAIM DOV WEISSMANDL
    in the TORaH, where you find T-O-R-H-T-O-R-H-T-O-R-H
    repeated hundreds of times in the Bible with a jump of
    49 letters, taking the 50th letter (easy to encode in the Bible)
    and so on, almost for the entire length of PENTATEUCH

    1. Many people confuse war with politics. In war, you can only stand with the innocents, by taking a side and defending them.

  6. If Putin is an antichrist, then what’s Zelensky? How about a gay actor/comedian who was drafted to be the globalists’ puppet president? Russia has called for peace talks and offered to end the war, but Zelensky will not accept. Tell me, who does that? Not someone who cares about the lives of their people, just someone following the globalists’ marching orders who desire WWIII so the can rebuild after it’s over. You know, Build Back Better is really Build Back Communist. The MSM is not reporting on Putin’s offer. That should be a giant clue right there.

    1. Is Zelinksy leading any Christian away from Christ? Putin is leading 100s of millions. Zelinksy does not have the fan base…

      1. St.Louis IX legalized prostitution, to prevent child rape.He established royally sanctioned and sanitary brothels to prevent disease being spread. While I do not entirely agree with the validity of that method today, to curb sin, the fact that a canonized saint did it, means you will have a hard time criticizing a modern leader doing it, except on motivations. Personally, God condemns prostitutes for enticing men, as that a mortal sin. King David was the grandson of a child born of a prostitute.

      2. But as I said before it is praeter rem to cite the personal morality of leaders in a war. Who is the aggressor is presumed not to have a just cause except under strict conditions. Those who cannot accept that Putin committed a horrible sin, cite these faults in Zelinsky to justify their abandonment of families in the Ukraine. They are led by a nefarious spriit, which is not of God.

  7. The whole war is an illuminati plan just as was the plandamic to issue in their NWO upon the ashes of WW3…
    We are witnessing “the short time” of the loosening of Satan as prophesied in the Apocalypse …

    Apostle Paul referred to that time as the “activity of Satan with the appearing of the Lawless one….
    All of this will end with the triumphant return of the King of Glory. > 2Thes 1-10… john B

  8. EDITOR; St.Louis IX legalized prostitution, to prevent child rape….?

    No saint would do such a thing..
    Is not taking advantage of a young woman for sexual pleasure another form of Rape!..

    Neither Jesus nor His Apostles would condone such a thing.. john b

    1. This is what i read he did, but I have not seen his decree. Perhaps he did not legalize it but only tolerated it by establishing these bordellos. But yes he did it and yes he is a canonized miracle working saint. We have to remember, that fornication with a prostitute, though evil, is far less evil that child rape and incest. St. Thomas Aquinas says that such fornication with a prostitute is far less evil that fornicating with yourself, because that is totally perverse, whereas a man’s fornication with a female prostitute is morally wrong, but not contrary to the natural order of procreation (St. Thomas did not know about contraceptive devices, which would render the act even more evil than self-abuse).

  9. Italy is the most important NATO base, if not in Europe, certainly in the Mediterranean. If Putin, to defend his country from the brazen encirclement, which NATO has been carrying out for years if not decades, betraying the East / West agreements signed immediately after (or shortly before, Perestroika and Reagan / Gorbatchev, I don’t remember) the implosion of the USSR, will be forced, as is almost certain, to react, the first target will be Italy hosting the beauty of 113 NATO bases, throughout the national territory, from Bolzano to Lampedusa. One of the main purposes of the artfully created Second World War was the colonization of our country in order to make it a huge American anti-Soviet military base, which remained so despite Putin’s Russia being the exact opposite of the USSR.
    If war breaks out, as is probable 99.99%, Russia will be forced, in spite of itself, to raze our beloved Italy, who has always been a slave to the foreigner and today also a shameless servant of the United States. This far from remote eventuality is so frightening that hardly anyone believes it or almost everyone does not want to believe it. Putin clearly stated in one of his recent speeches, that in the event of war (obviously nuclear, since NATO has a decidedly superior military apparatus to that of Russia, which, on the other hand, has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world), the Russians they will die as martyrs, while Westerners will not even have time to repent. For those who do not know, to die unrepentant and perhaps cursing God, as Saint John the Evangelist has foreseen, 2000 years in advance and reported in his book of Revelation 16: 8, means to go straight to Hell, where he will be mourned. and gnashing of teeth, forever and ever. Amen.

  10. Caro Fra Alexis,
    mi permetto di scriverLe anche se non sono una persona colta, ma da quello che ho capito io, l’Anticristo verrà osannato come portatore di pace mondiale. Attualmente dai giornali Putin è descritto come un mostro e la maggior parte dei miei connazionali sono convinti che sia un assassino, quindi secondo me è prematuro indicarlo come l’Anticristo. Spero tanto che non lo sia, perché da come vedo l’attualità sta salvando la Grande Madre Russia e di conseguenza spero anche l’Occidente dal Nuovo Ordine Mondiale, ideato a Davos – vedi Ilaria Bifarini-.
    Saluto cordialmente, ringrazio per l’impegno e le tematiche esposte, sperando di poterla incontrare nella Valle di Josafat, dove sarà tutto chiaro.

    1. In inglese, dire, “an antichrist” non significa dire che lui è l’Anticristo. Lutero, Mohammed, Stalino, Mao sono stati chiamati anticristi…

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