Rosary for the Conversion of Russia: Live (English) from Warsaw

This will start at Noon, Warsaw Time, which is currently 7 hours ahead of NYC time

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9 thoughts on “Rosary for the Conversion of Russia: Live (English) from Warsaw”

  1. Thank you Br. Alexis. Aren’t we supposed to say the Glorious Mystries on a Sunday? God bless.

    1. In the USA, where I grew up, during Lent, we say the Sorrowful, during Advent and Christmas the Joyful, and during the rest of the year, the Glorious.

  2. There is an e book on Amazon..The Mantle of Mary project. $2.99 US. It is for the America’s but I think any country could be replaced .
    I just started yesterday. Please join in union with me.

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