Russians using Tanks against civilian vehicles: a Case in point
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2 thoughts on “Russians using Tanks against civilian vehicles: a Case in point”

  1. Atrocious, Reprehensible, Dastardly, Criminally Insane… Pootain’s gift of TERROR for ‘The People’ causing a lifetime of PTSD. It occurs to me, Br. of the fact of these people being sadistic, cowardly and not of God. They seem to be suffering inappropriate naivete as they’ve NEVER been forced to fact the ‘dark-side’ of the world beyond a fender-bender leading to someone threatening to hit them or a divorce.
    For some; there is a high probability of LOVING TERROR…As for Serial Killers/Rapists…Those who are into POWER which pretty much covers ‘Gamers’ and other youth not courageous enough to actually join any Military themselves. Whatever. Those NEEDING to worship such as Pootain can’t be of God since they are attracted to evil at a soul level and are confused since they can’t define it evil; or, themselves to be of evil and empty as evidenced by what they are attracted to…To fill the emptiness.
    All you can do is praise God and keep planting seeds and pray it falls on good soil somewhere. Keep the Faith. Deus te Benedicat!

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