Scenes of Devastation from the Ukraine
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3 thoughts on “Scenes of Devastation from the Ukraine”

  1. Ashamed of those thinking ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’ pet Pootain to be a savior of anything. He’s an OLIGARCH…More Corrupt than Zelensky ever dreamed of being.
    There is NO justification for this ‘Scorched Earth’ Warfare Strategy and Indiscriminate MURDER of INNOCENTS. THERE IS NEVER A RATIONAL REASON FOR THIS.
    Russia has a history of constant INVASION from countries lasting centuries…Which THEY HATE. For what reason do they visit THIS ON OTHER NATIONS?
    Pure 100% Satanic Evil.
    Whoever thinks this sadistic megalomaniacal Psychopath is a Savior better check their ‘Faith in God’ very quickly as they’re VERY CONFUSED.

  2. Polish comments were telling: nothing has changed since 1939. Thats’s the way they [presumably Russians] are.

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