Br. Bugnolo reports live from Warsaw on the War in the Ukraine: March 14, 2022 A. D.

This broadcast will go live in 53 minutes after publication of this post, that is, at 5 PM Warsaw time, which is Noon NYC time.

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8 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo reports live from Warsaw on the War in the Ukraine: March 14, 2022 A. D.”

  1. Gosh…Wanted to catch the ‘LIVE’ show.
    Study of Catechesis, History, Ethics have dramatically suffered since Vat. 2 and nothing indicates this more than the fact of absolute lack of knowledge
    pertaining to Philosophy, Christianity, World Religion, Assessment/Analysis of Current Events as these presentations address.
    Those viewing Putin to be Savior/Messiah can not believe in Jesus Christ since belief in Jesus Christ WOULD fill that empty hole inside the soul where only Jesus fits. Anyone seeking to fill that hole with ANY other human being except Jesus IS NOT CHRISTIAN.
    I apologize to be someone not suffering fools gladly as you do, Br. Bugnolo. Pray God to remove the Satanic Scales surrounding those of ‘Closed Mind’ incapable of learning worshiping Megalomaniacal, MURDEROUS, Totalitarian Dictators as ‘good’ and their personal ‘Jesus’.

    1. I think there alot of people who are still hopeing for a “Prince” to save us, much like there were alot of people tricked into believing in Qanon, after the US election.

    2. Like those in the US who worship Trump…
      Only our Lord can bring Salvation to mankind.

  2. Good explanation of war principles and when war is just and when it is not. And explaining is necessary bc there are so many media sources and people who are swaying back and forth. Its difficult to make a judgment .
    As long as true Catholic teaching is followed. that’s what should we follow. Thank you for this post

  3. Question to Br GUIGNOLO:

    Last time I looked the war wasn’t in Poland but in Ukraine.

    What are you doing in Warsaw reporting on a war happening in another country?

    Propaganda like al the mainstream?
    You have familiy there are are in holidays?




    1. Well if you watched my reports, you would know that I am in Warsaw for several reasons, the primary one is humanitarian. If I do reports, its a side line work. I am not a war reporter, and I do not have the resources or training to do it. Hey, I do not even speak Polish or Ukrainian.

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