6 thoughts on “Russian Federation Forces begin the destruction of the Ancient Rus Capital of Kiev”

  1. Putin is eradicating his own relatives. He is descended from
    the “Ruis”. The Ruis predated the Romanov’s as the hereditary
    rulers of Russia.
    What most people do not realize is that a great many people
    both in Russia and the Ukraine have intermarried over the
    years. During World War II, soldiers from the USA who may
    have relatives in certain European areas, were not deployed
    to those areas. Now, I wonder how many Russian soldiers
    may have relatives in the very towns they are attacking!

    1. Can you source that claim about his ancestry. Never hear the like. As far as I have read, he is from peasantry stock.

  2. Putin 2.0? Cut and paste the Cyrillic and you find a ton. Strategy of tension? His walk is curiously pronounced. Btw, How much can Catholics read into face reading. TIA’s Sinke Guimareas(sp) seems to value it a lot.

    Doubles of Putin video proof.
    двойники путина доказательства видео

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