Russian importing Muslims to Kill Christians in the Ukraine

This one is for all those who think that Putin is a Christian savior of Christians.

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5 thoughts on “Russian importing Muslims to Kill Christians in the Ukraine”

  1. Christians occupy Syria too.
    The Russians came to their assistance and saved them from being beheaded.
    The Syrian people were grateful to the Russians.

  2. Dear Brother, the globalist power elite (servants of the prince) working behind the curtains on BOTH sides make war against Christianity. It would appear that Russian & Ukrainian command on both sides have chosen to accept infidels into their armies.

    450 Arab and foreign extremists from Idlib arrive in Ukraine

    Terrorists from Syria go to Ukraine to fight Russia: will Turkey suffer?

    Hundreds of Al-Qaeda militants arrive in Ukraine from Syria

    Are Foreign Fighters a Blessing or a Curse for Ukraine?
    Tens of thousands of volunteers are heading for Ukraine to do battle, repeating scenarios that have not ended well in past wars.

    Foreign fighters in Ukraine – A definitional dilemma
    American support to the Mujahideen against the Soviets in Afghanistan after 1979, or today, Russia’s own position on the Taliban after US withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021 are some examples.

    Turkish Fighters and the Internationalization of the Ukrainian War. On March 1, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Bashar Jaafari said that the USA might transfer terrorists of DAESH (a terrorist group banned in Russia) or members of other radical groups to Ukraine.

    Is there any truth to these articles or are they all lies and Russian propaganda?
    There is far more going on here than either of us may realize!

    1. Natively there are small minorities of Muslism living in the Ukraine for centuries, but none of the links you posted appears to show that the Ukraine is importing Muslims to fight, but Russia does admit it is doing this.

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