5 thoughts on “How to Help Ordo Militaris Catholicus in Poland/Ukraine”

  1. There have been time I supported OM in Italy as an organization for banned or excluded priests.
    But not in Poland – sorry. In the future you will be one of the people guilty of destroying Poland as a country of polish peoples (also my country). Like as the massiv and uncontrolled refugees wave in 2015 destroyed the western EU countries – such now this massiv refugees wave from Ukraine designed by the WEF, Soros, Schwab and their helpers like NATO, EU and US will destroy Poland. And you are taking part in this brother. I wonder if my post and my opinion will be published on this “free speech” catholic platform…

    1. Well if you read the About page, you would understand that comments here are not a free speech forum, and they have never been so. But talking to Poles and Ukrainians in Warsaw, I can say that I have never met in person any one of them who thinks as you do. They are charitable, welcoming, less racist, and faithful to their Polish and Christian heritage of welcoming. But perhaps a German would not understand that. But I took this opportunity to show that I do speak, even to those like yourself who just viciously calumniated me to my face in your previous comment.

  2. I am Polish. I don’t understand why you br. Bugnolo are so naive. The so called humanitarian help for Ukraine war victims is just the illusion. It is the resettlement of millions of Ukrainians to Poland that will be the ultimate tragedy for the polish nation.
    Please find out about the genocide made by Ukrainian nationalists to Poland in Wolyn – 150.000 victims. These confilcts will come back, inevitably.
    God bless you!

    1. There may be persons in Poland who have your worries, but I have not yet met on in person. But online they seem to exist. If you had met any refugee, you would know that they all way to return to the Ukraine. They love their country so much they have no intention of remaining. So your fears are unfounded. In the mean time they are spending all their savings in Poland, so it will help the economy. And it is forging an unbreakable alliance between Poland and Ukraine which will add greatly to the natural security of both nations from now on.

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