On March 25th, Bergoglio will attempt to do what only Benedict XVI can do

Editor’s Note: Be prepared for a massive nothing-burger. God will not be mocked.

CORRECTION: It seems that Bergoglio does not intend to do this in communion with the Bishops of the world, but rather as a political stunt:

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20 thoughts on “On March 25th, Bergoglio will attempt to do what only Benedict XVI can do”

  1. At least in ’84, it was a pope who couldn’t pull of what our Lady requested. At least the fraudster isn’t attempting to rope the rest of the hierarchy into his charade.

  2. Pope Benedict could still save the day–
    by announcing that
    “The World’s Bishops should solemnly join the Pope [not mentioning who’s pope!] in making the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary”.

    On the 25th if Pope Benedict is not alongside Bergoglio, Benedict could make the Consecration in his private chapel in spiritual union with the world’s bishops. I am sure that the many loyal bishops around the world will not need to be asked, they already know what is required for a VALID consecration.
    Let us pray that Pope Benedict will speak up– and if he does, that HIS VOICE WILL BE HEARD.

    1. Adding this intention, each day, as I pray my daily rosary with Fr. Pillari and the Our Lady of Fatima Rosary Crusade.

  3. If St John Paul 11 performed the consecration ,and Sr Lucia said it was accepted, why repeat it .

    1. It’s an obvious admission that JP2 did not do it correctly. That is already a big step forward for the Vatican.

      1. You are right. What can all this mean? A Jesuit trick? What are the feasts on all the Calendars? If B16 spoke that would nullify the sede impedita, wouldn’t it? The freemasons have not made a consecration. Maybe Bergoglio will pass away beforehand and his successor will do it? Once again the theater of the bizarre is selling tickets. Why wait? Does Satan require more human sacrifice?

    1. Exactly Reverand Father! It would be absolutely delicious to see the man who masquerades under the stage name of Francis carry out the request to the letter – of course he won’t- and it still have no effect. The rad trads would be in melt down, the novus ordites would decry the whole Fatima apparitions and Bergoglio will have buried Fatima, until the true pope does it. This only goes to prove that the pope is at the centre of world history.

  4. Such “consecration” wouldn’t be valid, even if it were done according to the Instructions from Heaven, since Bergoglio is NOT the Pope. This act of hubris in an attempt to placate the Fatima “faction” and to gaslight Catholics is more likely to make the situation worse by angering God and causing a counterstrike from Divine Justice… hmmm, maybe that’s what wall these WEF types want, since they keep stoking the flames of war and pushing for a wholesale slaughter of global proportions.

    RE: Consecration of Russia: a lot of people persist on their wacko notion that if the consecration is done, IMMEDIATELY all Russians will drop their Kalashes and hug everyone and join hands and march into the churches singing Kumbaya, Putin included… Really, people. Such cotton candy clouds and rainbows approach is hardly the way God solves things.

    RE: The errors of Russia: these were already spread last century! Liberation Theology, Marxism, Feminism, social democracy, and so many others… these errors ALREADY pervaded the social fabric of the West and have became the dominant paradigm. The conversion of Russia, if it hasn’t already happened, is not gonna prevent her errors to spread: the cat’s been out of the bag for decades. The conversion that is now more sorely needed is that of the West!

    Now it’s fime to pay the piper for ignoring the “prophets of doom” and Heaven’s entreaties and warnings. Russia has been unleashed.

    And no: Russia is NOT a liberator. Russian army is not an army of holy crusaders. Russia is a punisher. Russia is the chosen instrument of God to punish and purify the West that has forsaken Him.

    In the bible we read, again and again, how God consistently used UNGODLY nations to drive out the godly nation when the latter had failed to remain godly. Sacred history repeating in 2022.

  5. Reflecting on “nothing-burger”: perhaps God shows He won’t be mocked by summoning the Jesuit to judgment on the 24th. THAT would certainly be something….

    1. I was thinking of the same thing. God’s patience has its limits, and when you mock His Mother, that’s the limit…

  6. March 25, 2022 is the FEAST OF THE ANNUNCIATION.


    TRUTH be told, bergoglio, the counterfeit pope, will be mocking the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY AND GOD in this EVIL PLOT.

    We pray for the TRUE PUBLIC CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA BY THE TRUE POPE BENEDICT XVI in union with the bishops of the world or a TRUE POPE in the line of Pope Benedict XVI in complete obedience to the TRUE commands declared which will usher in the TRIUMPH OF THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY.

    bergoglio is challenging GOD and blasphemously insulting HIS MOST HOLY MOTHER, OUR QUEEN OF HEAVEN AND EARTH on this MOST HOLY FEAST OF THE ANNUNCIATION. This is a premeditated attempt of EVIL INTENTION toward the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY and THE HOLY TRINITY on behalf of bergoglio’s father satan.

  7. “Let not your heart be troubled”, God is still in charge! Has He not foretold?: “In that day, saith the Lord of hosts, shall the peg be removed, that was fastened in the sure place: and it shall be broken and shall fall: and that which hung thereon, shall perish, because the Lord has spoken it” (Isaiah 22:25).
    I am also firmly convinced that THE WARNING foretold by Our Lady at Garabandal is not far off. When all seems to be lost, then shall God intervene. Hold steady, God does bless us all.

  8. It is interesting to note that Satan used March 25, in 1957 to form the Common Market of 6 nations – now the EU. Note the “6.”
    Always attacking Our Lady. “She shall crush his head.”

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