The Icon of Our Lady of Sorrows of Donesk is bleeding

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In the city of Volgograd, Russia– formerly known as Stalingrad — the Icon of Our Lady of Donesk, which features the Holy Mother of God pierced with 7 swords– a symbol of Her sorrowful compassion — is bleeding blood. While the Church in which the Icon has been placed, is oozing myrrh, an aromatic oil associated in the East with supernatural manifestations of God’s Saints. Donesk is a major city in the Donbas region of the Ukraine.  The Church, in which the icon is seen in the video, is the Church of St. Nicholas, Bishop and Martyr, patron of the poor and of families.

While I have no more information about this event, nor can verify it, it seems to indicate that Our Lady and St. Nicholas are extremely sad at what is going on in this conflict between Russia and Ukraine, a conflict which is caused by the errors of the old Soviet mentality.

This miraculous event appears to coincide with the departure or arrival of the Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima, which was sent from Fatima to Lvov over the weekend. I believe we are about to see great signs and portents to urge the Bishops of the World to Consecrate Russia. May God be praised!

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14 thoughts on “The Icon of Our Lady of Sorrows of Donesk is bleeding”

  1. If Bergoglio is not Pope, how can the consecration be valid? Even if he does the consecration and the bishops of the world acquiesce, how could that be accepted if the Bergoglio papacy is invalid?

    1. If you pay any attention to the content at FromRome.Info, then you will realize that your question is absurd.

      1. you did not bother answer the legit question fr Bugnolo. If you had done it you would have shed light to this issue. Is this a case of spiritual arrogance? Just asking. Bogdan

      2. Bogdan,are you so unaware like the other commentator what FromRome.Info is and what it stands for, or you do you just stop by for 5 seconds to troll me? FromRome.Info is the premier English news source from Romme, Italy, in communion with Pope Benedict XVI, the true pope. It’s all over this site. That is why I responded to the absurd question with my statement that it was absurd. It was like asking someone who knew the Earth is a globe why the flat-earth theory is sound and reasonable…

      3. But who will be Pope after ? If Bergolio dies first, Benedict still would be – but if Benedict dies first ?

    1. Then this miraculous manifestation is a rebuke to the Russian people for allowing their government stab the heart of Our Lady by attacking Her children in the Ukraine.

      1. The Russian people have no power against Putin. They are his victims also; they are loudly protesting in Moscow and elsewhere and being hauled off to prison, and others taking their places, until the prisons are full and overflowing. Russians, especially mothers of the young conscripts being slaughtered, are doing/fighting Putin the best they can under the circumstances.

  2. Thank you much for your answer. I did not want to ofend or troll you. I just missed the point what from Rome. Info is all about. I will keep you in my Rosary prayers and follow your content. Kind regards and Ave Maria. Always

  3. Have the blood samples in all cases of bleeding icons from past and present been tested , if so are they all the same blood types and groups. I believe it is a supernatural phenomenon but to be sure it is divine and not from the evil one wouldn’t it be prudent to test and share the information so we could pray and discern the Sorrow of our Blessed Mother.

    1. Well this icon is under the care of the Russian Orthodox Church, and I do not believe that it is in their tradition to subject such blood to scientific experimentation. In the Catholic Church, in approved miracles, Our Lady’s blood has the same AB- as Her Son’s found in Eucharistic Miracles.

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