6 thoughts on “International Court of Justice orders Russia to immediately stop hostilities”

    1. This is the highest court in the United Nations. It has authority over all member states, of which the Russian Federation is one.

      1. I think Diego that you will find that Russia’s actions in this matter will be guided by the logic of violence. Putin and the rest of the Kremlin has pretty much decided that the elites in the West are not agreement capable.

        As a practical matter, this means Russia is intent on creating new facts on the ground and calling it solved. Since this court can bring no force to bear on the matter the ruling will have no effect at all. Direct NATO involvement is unlikely given the risk of nuclear conflict. The UN Security council is also unlikely to do anything due to the Russian and Chinese ability to veto any action.

        I think it is safe to say that Russia is done with a rules based order dictated by the West. Given how much of the world is still trading with Russia, it seems much of the rest of the world has few problems with that idea.

      2. Russia has also abandoned the Natural Law (violating the sovreignty of Ukraine), the Gospel (attacks brothers in Christ) and the moral law (though shall not kill, genocide, ethnic cleanse, rob, rape, murder, destroy someone’s house, speak lies against them, covet their goods and wives etc.,) and the divine law, THOU SHALT HAVE NO STRANGE GOD BEFORE ME, not even the god of war.

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