Olga Tokariuk: My apologies to you Westerners who want Ukraine to surrender

3 thoughts on “Olga Tokariuk: My apologies to you Westerners who want Ukraine to surrender”

  1. According to the German-Bavarian voayant ALOIS IRLMAIER*
    the attack towards the “heart of Europe” will be through
    Slovakia (with the destruction of Prague) then Austria,
    Bayern (south of Danube river, all the bridges broken
    until Regensburg), northern Switzerland and finally
    Frankfurt and Freiburg (several prophets saw “corpses
    and blood in Rhine river in Germany and Rhone in France)


    *(and somebody suspects was also predicted in
    “Le Profezie di Papa Giovanni”)

    1. In order for the Russians to carry that out, Ukraine must either be taken over or collaborate with them. That’s the only way to get armies through the Carpathians.

      Ditto for the revelations to Bl. Elena Aiello, who was shown Russian armies in Rome.

      Yes, in the end the Russians WILL be stopped, but it’ll happen in the Rhineland, not in Ukraine.

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