If you expect Putin to liberate you, take a look what it looks like

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11 thoughts on “If you expect Putin to liberate you, take a look what it looks like”

  1. As a man lying for years about his adultery producing a son his wife didn’t know about…IT’S shocking to hear yet MORE LIES. Arnold is ALSO A MEMBER of ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’ ORDERING THIS TYRANNY…Since, he’s now lying about the PROTEST at the Capitol Building on Jan. 6 when the FRAUD/CHEATER Cabal Puppets saturating the U.S. installed a senile, TREASONOUS Cabal puppet as themselves and him into the Oval Office. Though I wish for this war to end; it’s impossible to stomach the lies the Cabal hides. Don’t respect this man ANY LONGER.

    1. It is significant that he at last admitted his father was int he Wermacht. And my college says, his role in it was in the SS. That explains why Hollywood, controlled by the CIA, promoted Arnold.

  2. I feel very sorry for the people of Ukraine. That said they’re government is very corrupt and also doing dirty deeds for the US government. I’m not a Putin supporter either but how does supporting a country with Nazis, Bio labs, human smuggling, and the like make it better as well? What do you propose is the solution to this situation now that the world is where it is?

    1. Wars are just and unjust on the basis of the moral acts which initiate or conduct them. Regardless of how many sinners are on one side or another. Fighting in a just war does not mean you support the sinners on one side or another, as sinners, only that you defend the rights of the whole people to peace and tranquility and self governance. If you do not know anything about the morality of war, or think war is never moral, then you will not understand what I said. If you are a Christian, try reading the Book of Exodus and the Book of Judges and the Book of Maccabees to see that the Lord Our God is not anti-war, but He is pro just-war.

      1. Dear Br Bugnolo, I respectfully ask your opinion whether in fact Putin might be in Ukraine for just waging war against gobalism. I read some very interesting articles on stateofthenation.co and there is a high probability Putin betrayed WEF and the globalitst he belongs to, like JFK, and that explains why the media is so enraged with him, for the elite not beeing able to kill him instead . I also read the war is staged for the ukrainians to leave their homes in terror and the empty space to be repopulated with the israelites , for Ukraine was the former home of the ashkenazi jews in the Xth century and they are fed up with the livind in Israel sorrounded by enemies and are setting the stage to return home.
        Are you sure Putin is just another face of the same coin as Zelenski? I have also read Azov army killed large numbers of mercenaries on Ukraine side, stabbing them into the back, lest they understand what is really going on and unmask the truth when they go home.
        I also know media lies just about everything going on in Ukraine. Are you sure the attacks agains civilians are not staged as to appear Putin is bombing them?
        I have been reading your posts for one year and you were always spot on with what is going on worldwide.
        Kind regards and I will always include you on my daily Rosary prayers as beeing the one belonging to the picolo resto which is the real Catholic Curch. I am trying to live the Fatima message every day.

      2. Bogdan, you argument is epistemological.That is you admit facts but doubt the obvious signification. You accept talking points as probable without investigation. And then you conclude that I who admit these facts, but draw the obvious inferences and question the talking points and expose them as lies by investigation, should doubt my own position. I hope you see that you are unreasonable as you war against right reason itself. — I have always acted thus and will continue to do so.

    2. Interestingly, I just ran into this quote from a famous, and very Catholic, author:

      “Gandalf added that it is not for us to choose the times into which we are born, but to do what we could to repair them; but the spirit of wickedness in high places is now so powerful and so many-headed in its incarnations that there seems nothing more to do than personally refuse to worship any of the hydra’s heads …..”
      J.R.R. Tolkien From a Letter to Amy Roland dated 18 November 1969

      Way things are going, war is coming to us all. I see no point in rushing brashly forward to meet it.

  3. The Creation Story …. also in the Old Testament:-

    Perhaps we can also relate this inspired recount as a lesson to the illiterate humans of thousands of years ago … AND… AND TO THOSE OF TODAY:

    -The First Man and the first Woman had 2 two sons (males),
    One killed the Other!!-

    And we are their descendants?
    Still killing each other!

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