It was not a Russian, but a Jewish Revolution which overthrew the Tsar in 1917

Here is the following Ethnological Analysis by Alexey Zhiznev, a Russian Monarchist

FromRome.Info publishes this report to shed light on what Our Lady meant by the “errors” of Russia and the “conversion” of Russia. Note, none of these men were believers in the Jewish religion: rather they were die-hard godless psychopaths, at least during the Soviet Era. Putin’s government is still predominately Jewish.

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7 thoughts on “It was not a Russian, but a Jewish Revolution which overthrew the Tsar in 1917”

  1. Trotsky, Lenin, and other Jews were trained in NY and shipped to Germany from whence they went into Russia by train and began the Bolshevik Revolution financed by American Jews and Capitalists in 1917…….Fulton Sheen says this in the early pages of his book “Communism and the conscience of the West” .
    . Kuhn Loeb and Co thru Jacb Schiff
    also got US president Abraham Lincoln to hire KarlMarx s military adviser, Freidrich Engels, to end the American Civil War.(These2 Marx/ Engels were founders of the Communist Party, ) Engels ended the American Civil War for tNorthern Jewish bankers with severe brutality. T he States Rights advocates , Robert E Lee and the Confederacy lost the war . America now was ripe for Communism under a united nation run by WallStreet. So… Jewish American Capitalists financed Russian Communim to run the world .!!! This post spells it out !

      Sounds like the world prepares AGAIN for the ‘Gas Chambers’, Concentration Camps a la Covid Quarantine in their inception.
      Forced Organ Harvesting as for the Uighurs…And, OUTRIGHT SLAVERY.
      Total, Utter BULL!!!!!

      1. Hollywood Holocaust vs Christianity!

        Antisemitism In Hysterical Spin
        Jailed for over 2 yrs for holocaust denial.
        “Those two powers, the chief two in the world today, are Communism and Zionism. That both movements are avowedly anti-Christian, and that both are in origin and direction Jewish, is a matter of record. (September 1958)”

  2. How rarely do we hear promoted the devotion of the Sacred Heart enthronement, a practice which has the benefit of extending Eucharistic adoration into homes? If bishops spent as much effort into advocating this, how much safer would be families & their dwellings, the rooting of virtue in children….
    Of course, such advocacy begins with holding the Faith; what was I thinking…?
    Father Matteo Crawley-Boevey, pray for us.


    (In 1911 comet Halley announced what was to happen?)
    First World War, the time between wars, Second World War,
    and the Cold War, were all about the DESTRUCTION OF
    In 1915 Italy, a Catholic country governed by a Freemason
    Monarchy, attacked the Catholic kingdom of Austria-Hungary, to complete it’s “Unity”, the italian-speaking cities of Trento and Trieste had to return to Italy… Pope Benedict XVI opposed.
    The crisis in Russia brought to the end of the Christian Czarist Empire, and somebody argue that was all in project in the so called “Protocols of the Sages of Sion” (very controversial,
    and though by many to be a fabrication).
    RELIGIO DEPOPULATA of Saint Malachy…
    The period between wars was of a systematic ideological destruction of the Christian Faiths: in Russia by the communist, in America the rich exalted the most merciless
    capitalism, with people sleeping in the streets under the
    most glamorous buildings.
    In Italy, with Fascism there was the most ridiculous exaltation
    of the Roman past, and while it put discipline and organization
    that was the basis for a marvelous growth during the post-wat
    era (under a Demo-Christian government) it set the starting
    point for the most evil ideology in all the history of mankind…
    NAZISM. The countries of Beethoven, Durer, Kant, Klimt, Mozart, Saint Hildegard from Bingen, became places plenty of racist merciless butchers of human flesh…

    By the end of Second World War, the cities that were nuked
    were HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI, the “doors of Japan”,
    that had the biggest community of Catholic and Christian
    people. (and Nostradamus mentions the doors and the
    “Invocation to the Non Mortal God”).

    The main scope of cinema, television, books, etc. after II W.W.,
    was to promote a “christian indifferent open society”, open relations, divorce and abortion, and in the last 30 years, LGBTQ has been amply promoted and justified as a choice.
    In 1990 when taking blood pressure to the children of the
    schools, I noticed with horror that there were 2 classes in
    the first level of primary school and 5 classes in the fifth.

    And now, the most ridiculous and mad situation: an Hebrew
    Comedian-President, of a mixed Orthodox-Catholic country,
    for a strange principle of “territorial integrity” (which is very
    arguable, since Crimea was given “as gift” by Nikita Kruschev from Russia to Ukraine, and the people of Lugansk and Donetsk are in a vast majority Russian-speaking) is being
    supported in part by post-nazi, and his only achievement
    has been to loss more territory and have the cities destroyed.

    Yet, when bombing Kiev, Kharkiv and Mariupol, Putin has
    lost any support from me, going from a certain amount of
    justification, to what in Italy we call “TORTO MARCIO”,
    And has qualified himself as “THE KING OF TERROR”.

  4. Robbi. My post not factual ? Sorry, but it is. The statement about Lincoln hiring Engels is from the Book of the Month Club copyright 1950 titled Woman with a Sword. Also .Read Taylor Caldwells Captain and the Kings. Malichi Martin read her books and stated she wrote Faction…ie truth in fiction. Watch for the nuggets of truth in her writing.. ie. THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR WAS PLOTTED IN LONDON 1845….(WHO ELSE WAS WRITING THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO IN LONDON AT THAT TIME. MARX AND ENGELS.!!!!) Guess what ? The Pope at the time wove a crown of thorns for Jefferson Davis, It washed out to sea in the Mississippi coastal flooding 2010.

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