“To Berlin!” is written on Russian Military Aircraft


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5 thoughts on ““To Berlin!” is written on Russian Military Aircraft”

  1. No doubt…The Nazi Trudope is personally invested in Canada’s contribution to the ‘Gene Therapy’ by way of the ‘lipids’ necessary for delivery of the bioweapon into cells. Making money hands over fist. POISONING THE CANADIAN POPULATION FOR PERSONAL GAIN…Madman Puppet for The WEF/CCP Cabal.

    1. It doesn’t: that text on the top-right wreckage is “ВКС РОССИИ” (“Aerospace Forces Russia”).

      It is the helicopter on the left where Michael has circled the text “На Берлин” (“To Berlin”).

  2. Somewhere along the timeline of this war Germany will have to become involved dragging in the EU and NATO..

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