St. Thomas Aquinas: It is the duty of the Cleric to encourage men to fight in just wars

Summa Theologica, II II, Q. 40, A. 2, ad 3:

Ad tertium dicendum quod, sicut supra habitum est, omnis potentia vel ars vel virtus ad quam pertinet finis habet disponere de his quae sunt ad finem. Bella autem carnalia in populo fideli sunt referenda, sicut ad finem, ad bonum spirituale divinum, cui clerici deputantur. Et ideo ad clericos pertinet disponere et inducere alios ad bellandum bella iusta. Non enim interdicitur eis bellare quia peccatum sit, sed quia tale exercitium eorum personae non congruit.

Which in English is:

To the third (objection) it must be said, that, just has has been had above, every power and/or art and/or virtue to which an end pertains, has (an ability) to dispose concerning those which are toward that end.  Moreover, carnal wars among believers are to be referred to an end as to the spiritual good of the Divine, to which the cleric is deputed.  And for that reason it pertains to clerics to dispose and induce other (men) to fight just wars.  For it is not interdicted to them to fight because  it be a sin, but because such an exercise does not befit their persons.

How the WEF turned many Conservatives in the West into Soviet Allies

Editorial by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

When we fail to hold fast to Christ, we fall under the power of demons and idols.

And the sad truth is, that if we do not consciously intend to remain faithful and due our due diligence with information, the narratives launched by the Globalists can easily divert us from fidelity to truth.

Whenever we take talking points, without any investigation, as the truth, this can easily happen.  And if we act this way and attack our brothers and sisters in Christ, we are doing the work of the Devil.

There is the obvious sort of manipulation when one falls into accepting a false narrative pushed by all the MSM.  But there is the less obvious narrative when one is pushed by his own emotional hatred of the MSM to abandon a honest and good cause simply because the MSM recognizes it also as honest and good.

The Conservative voices in the West have stridently defended Donald Trump from the false accusations of collaborating with Russia for neigh 6 years.

It is therefore very surprising, that with Russia’s aggression upon Ukraine, most of these same voices openly side with Putin and are throwing Ukrainian Christian families under the bus.

Fixating on every defect in the government of any nation as an excuse to helping the innocent citizens of that nation is a convenient psychological self-delusion. But it is also a most dishonest cruelty and cold-heartedness.

Faith in Christ and gratitude for the fact that He saved us while we were still sinners and Has done so many, many times in our own lifetimes, should cause us at least to pause some moment and reflect whether our reaction to events is being triggered by emotional sentiments which we have harbored for long time and to which we are attached.

Here at FromRome.Info, I have received praise from all quarters in the world for my coverage of the fake pandemic and deadly experimental medical treatments advocated as its cure. A little gratitude and respect for that, I imagined, would cause all my readers and fans to pause and at least hear my reasons for going to Poland to help Ukrainians and Ukraine.

I am very disappointed this was not the case.

Psychological manipulation is very strong. It goes beneath the radar of the intellect and the heart.  It remains a thing very sad to me, that so many friends have become such vicious enemies to me, for simply standing the ground on the teaching of Jesus Christ and objective morality.

I will continue this editorial policy at FromRome.Info and thank all my readers who have had the grace not to lose their own spiritual footing with the change of winds in this storm, like nearly half of my friends and benefactors. As a son of St. Francis it is more abhorrent to me to remain likeable to all and close my heart to the poor, than open my heart and be hated for it by the many. I pray that Saint Francis of Assisi might similarly inspire one and all, to the praise of Jesus Christ and His Immaculate Mother.