Russian Ambassador Threatens other non-Nato European Nations

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2 thoughts on “Russian Ambassador Threatens other non-Nato European Nations”

  1. Bosnia Herzegovina? It’s located on the Adriatic Sea…FAR AWAY FROM RUSSIA. What the heck? Nobody has attacked Russia in all these years since Communism fell; but Russia has attacked many countries. Although there has risen a Russian Black Market/Mafia and the Oligarchs usurp the country’s resources for personal gain, the Russian people have enjoyed decades of greater prosperity, now. They APPEAR in media to feel MUCH happier and to enjoy a much better lifestyle. I don’t see them wishing to return to the ‘Bad Old Days’ of Military Adventurism, political imprisonment and standing in line all day for a cabbage, beets, a small loaf of black bread and Fat Back costing a whole day’s wage. Putin’s War ORDERED by ‘The Globalist Nazi WEF/CCP Cabal’ is illogical and the PLAN of evil Psychopaths as villians in Superhero movies…Satanic in evil.

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