Azov Brigade Leader is not Ukrainian

He is in fact, a Polish citizen with a Russian surname. This will shatter a few stereotypes:

The Polish reads: “Artem Bonov (real name Zalesov), the Nazi leader of Azov, former deputy chief of police in #Kijów , says here that he is already in Poland. @MorawieckiM What do you say if you received PESEL to use the following benefits: health, social and family? Where are you going Poland ..”

Editor’s Note: I publish this information with the Christian hope that many Christians who have justified Putin’s war of aggression against Ukrainian Christian families by means of citing the Azov Brigade, will realize that they have calumniated Russia’s victims and take back their malicious slander and abandon their evil position on the war. — I reported already in my video reports on YouTube that the founder and principal financier of the Azov Brigade is Jewish. I think it is clear that Ukraine and Ukrainians cannot judged guilty for its existence, just as the USA cannot be condemned because BLM or Antifa exist with support from many in Federal, State and local governments.

Losses in the Russo-Ukrainian War, as of March 20, 2022 A. D.

Russian Claims that Ukraine has lost:

And Ukraine claims that Russia has lost:

Editor’s Note: Regarding losses, one presumes each side is giving the correct information about the other, until one has data that shows that that is not the case.

In military terminology, “loses” does not mean in regard to personnel, killed only, rather, it means the total number of killed in action, injured (regardless of whether they survive or not) and missing in action (body cannot be found, captured, or deserted.

And as regards Ukraine’s claims about Russia’s losses, we have some data points from Russian sources which seems to confirm their accuracy: