Azov Brigade Leader is not Ukrainian

He is in fact, a Polish citizen with a Russian surname. This will shatter a few stereotypes:

The Polish reads: “Artem Bonov (real name Zalesov), the Nazi leader of Azov, former deputy chief of police in #Kijów , says here that he is already in Poland. @MorawieckiM What do you say if you received PESEL to use the following benefits: health, social and family? Where are you going Poland ..”

Editor’s Note: I publish this information with the Christian hope that many Christians who have justified Putin’s war of aggression against Ukrainian Christian families by means of citing the Azov Brigade, will realize that they have calumniated Russia’s victims and take back their malicious slander and abandon their evil position on the war. — I reported already in my video reports on YouTube that the founder and principal financier of the Azov Brigade is Jewish. I think it is clear that Ukraine and Ukrainians cannot judged guilty for its existence, just as the USA cannot be condemned because BLM or Antifa exist with support from many in Federal, State and local governments.

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6 thoughts on “Azov Brigade Leader is not Ukrainian”

  1. Sorry Bro Bugnolo but you are mistaken to say that Putin invaded to attack “Ukranian Christians” he did not. He invaded because NATO and the West did not abide by the two Minsk accords, despite warnings. Ukraine has not registered its borders with the UN therefore is not an independent sovereign state and is in essence Russian territory. It is known that the evil satanic Globalists WEF UN WHO the R’s, HRH Charlie Bilderberg’s Freemasons Vatican Committee of 300 et al formed a pact decades ago (with satan imo), to destroy Old World Order, fund bio-weapon labs all over Ukraine (& China) on Russia’s doorstep to threaten Russia. Putin at first went along with WEF but withdrew support when he discovered their sinister malevolent true agenda to control whole world by de-pop eugenicist NWO one world govt KSchwabbGreat Reset technocratic enslavement and atheistic dictatorship. Evil Globalists angered by Putin’s refusal to play NWO ball now stoking the flames of Putin the war-monger totally without foundation. Comedian cowboy puppet Zelensky a useful pawn piggy in the middle between gangsta Globalists and Putin’s justified push back (like Trump) against these Globalist carpetbaggers who are only after Ukrainian rich natural resources. And to think Pope Francis is a signed up member to this anti-Christ plot is the ultimate betrayal of our Lord. Vatican has chosen Mammon over Truth. Azov Brigade leader sporting a Nazi chain and killing machine gun is a violent murdering thug and hoodlum.

    1. Well, if a man says, I am entering your house, to catch criminals, and breaks down my door with arms and shoots up my living room, murders my wife and dismembers my children, I think that in such a case, I do not have to believe him. And thus, that your argument is both absurd, cruel, and evil, since it inclines victims to accept abuse.

    2. Still, Russia is the aggressor in this war. I do not agree with the governments of either the Ukraine or Russia as far as domestic affairs. As far as external affairs are concern, they still had a chance to air their concerns before starting the conflict. Russia chose to invade the territory of the Ukraine. So the Ukrainians have the just side of this war, regardless. Russia is complicating their side by bombing civilian targets and indiscriminate destroying buildings.
      The Devil is manipulating both sides and the result is war and division of the people. The real losers of the war are the innocent civilians and the displaced family members of those defending their country (Ukraine) and the families of those Russians that are being played and used as cannon fodder to invade.

  2. The tweet is actually further proof of Azov being supported, if not outright established, by that crime syndicate called NATO and its assorted deep-staters.

    Those who carried out the Maidan coup, human sacrifice of Odessa included.

    No Russian leader in its own mind will allow A-weapons at a stone throw from Moscow: that’s all what this war is about.

    Zelensky’s speech at Munich 2022 is quite allusive in that sense.

    NATO strategy has always been clear. Russia has responded once they considered themselves able to bear the consequences.

    1. I have no doubt that Azov is a Nato operation, since Nato is run by the heirs of the Nazis.

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