10 thoughts on “Russians call for Nuking the USA and Conquering Europe”

  1. Lest we forget; it’s all redundant. The Soviets DO NOT WISH TO BE DESTROYED, either. The U.S. can destroy the Soviets, China or the whole globe as completely. Is anybody pathological enough to destroy all of humanity, all life as well as the Earth, itself? THE KEY TO MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION AS THE KEY STRATEGY TO ASSURE BOUNDARIES.

    1. Robbi what you say is true, but pure madness does not see it that way. And I do believe Russia is in possesion of neutrino bombs, which only kill living things, for the most part, and thus could be used in a full scale nuclear war without really destroying the entire biosphere like hydrogen bombs do.

      1. So true. And Putin said a few days ago that “if the world doesn’t see Russian in the world, then we have no need for the world”. Sounds like he has a plan, and the neutrino bomb would eliminate the US and NATO and allow him and the Russian people to exit their bunkers to a world that MAY be
        inhabitable with building still usable. Interesting view. Thanks.

      2. The world nuclear arsenal cannot ‘destroy the entire biosphere’. Where do these ideas come from?

      3. I think its an over simplistic reductionism, by a person who thinks that humanity or the biosphere which supports us, is the totality of the biosphere.

  2. This video is precisely why Russia must be converted to the catholic faith as Our Lady requested. Only a proper consecration of Russia will provide the grace from Our Lady for such a conversion and genuine peace.

    It has been one hundred years since Our Lady made this request at Fatima ,and yet the Vatican has either ignored it or done a half baked consecration.

    Now we are on the edge of a war that could turn nuclear and engulf all of Europe and America . Yet Bergoglio wants to consecrate Russia and Ukraine. Our Lady said only Russia. Again the Vatican is playing games with heaven.

    1. David; Take heart…. The Lord God Almighty, the creator of heaven and Earth is in full control of the affairs of men..
      He foretold by the Prophets, Apostles and the Lord Jesus himself that there would be such a time of Trouble upon the Earth as never before. Cling to the Lord…

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