USA: Nurses report massive upswing in Blood Clots & Heart issues

Click the tweet to read comments from many nurses confirming.

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5 thoughts on “USA: Nurses report massive upswing in Blood Clots & Heart issues”

  1. I made a blood donation to Campus-Biomedico in Rome,
    on March the 14th of 2022.
    My blood when donated is usually of a color between
    pink and light red. It was rather of a dark red, almost
    I had the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in August 2021.
    But now I’m “outlaw ” because of the rules decided by
    minister Roberto Speranza, and stupidly enforced
    by the police and even by the cashiers in cinemas…
    I cannot go even to an almost empty cinema-theater
    with a mask but without the “Greenpass Rafforzato”.

    I wanted to get the NOVAVAX vaccine, that is supposed
    to be less experimental, and with more straight-forward
    action than the mRNA “vaccines” (are epi-genetic treatment)…
    the answer was: ” Those who had the J&J… HAVE TO get
    the second and third shot with mRNA vaccines”.
    Novavax is UNAVAILABLE to them.


    (read next article about Liberalism)

    1. Giancarlo, the news that you took that serum, strikes my heart with sadness. You should address your blood issues as soon as possible, because they will lead to your death if you do not do so immediately. See a blood expert!

  2. I take aspirin (Ascriptin = Acetylsalicilic Acid + Maalox)
    almost every day.
    With the donation my blood got thinner.
    I will have soon an ECG, but I feel good, since I’m
    not eating meat any more.
    All the survivors of my family are vaccinated, except
    my nephews in Australia. (Well I’m not sure, I hope so).

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