Why the CIA does not want Russia to lose this war

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Geopolitics is the study of how nations comport themselves with other nations as they seek to extend their influence round the world.

But Institutional politics is the study how institutions make decisions not on the basis of their public mission or those whom they serve, but on the basis of self-promotion and self-survival.

Institutions are frequently corrupted by this most base motivation, that they never want to decrease in size and they always want more funds to pour into their lap. This is because institutions are habitually populated by the careerist who wants a sine cure, that is a desk job with a fat salary and not much work.

The Central Intelligence Agency is no different.

And so let us consider the chief institutional threats against the CIA by reason of the Russo-Ukrainian war of 2022 in its first month of fighting:

What would happen if Russia was no longer seen as a Superpower?

What would happen if Russia was no longer seen as a threat?

What would happen if the FSB, the Russian CIA, was no longer seen as an enemy to be feared, but rather a defunct corrupt bureaucracy?

All these things are being risked by the Ukrainian destruction of the Russian Federation forces on a daily basis.  Russia has lost in one month more men that the U.S.A. lost in all the years of Afghanistan.

The Russo-Ukrainian War will be a watershed moment for Russia and for her role in the world.

And if Russia does not win this war, a lot of voices will begin to say that the CIA does not need all that funding, or worse, that the Pentagon is something obsolete.

That would be the undoing of the Deep State.

For that reason, I think you can draw the conclusions…

And the evidence that this is not speculation is this: that all the Catholic organizations in the world controlled by Gladio directly or not, are cheering for Russia.

Gladio is the CIA/NATO organization for defending Europe from Communist take over. It is also the organization which justifies a lot of spending by the CIA.

Also, a lot of media platforms which are known to be funded or controlled by the CIA are promoting Russian propaganda and discouraging support for Ukraine.

All this may seem shocking, but it makes perfect sense.


Polish Intelligence Services uncovered Russian Spy Network in Poland

This final tweet, says in Polish: “The ambassador of the Russian Federation in Poland, Sergei Andreyev, was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday, and about 40 Russian diplomats may be expelled from Poland.”.

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This story answers the speculation, yesterday, as to why the Russian Embassy yesterday was seen to be burning large numbers of documents.