Are you about to be consecrated to Satan?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

No one should participate in a religious act by a public idolator (satanist), because by consenting to such an act of being consecrated, one can in fact consent to being consecrated to Satan or a Demon.

Thus, all those pushing to participate in and consent to the act of consecration by Bergoglio better wake up fast!

This is no alarmist exaggeration, because:

  1. Bergoglio has TWICE publicly adored the demon, Pachamama
  2. Bergoglio has TWICE publicly desecrated religious sites by such adoration (Garden of St Peter’s where the dust of St. Peter and co-Martyrs was buried, and Basilica of St. Peter)
  3. Bergoglio is a known Freemason, all of whom are sons of Satan.
  4. Bergoglio is a known wearer of masonic & satanic art

Hence, if you consent to participate in the act of consecration of humanity by Bergoglio on March 25, what is to prevent him during his act, of making a mental intention of consecrating humanity to Satan, or even say it quietly during the act?

Such an act would be an act of global desecration and would be perfectly consonant with the religious motivationns and goals of every Satanist.

Is this the real trap which explains why he first announced the consecration of Russia but then extended it to all humanity?

Do you really have any rational basis to trust this man for a religious act after 8 years of heresy and apostasy?

If not, then, just as you would not enter the car of someone who deliberately got into accidents and never repented of killing others or his passengers, so you should not participate in any way, not even by passive consent, to this act.

Nor can I see how morally participation in this act is not an act of being in communion with this anti-pope and public heretic. This act is formal communicatio in sacris, which is never permitted unless the ritual is Catholic and the person is publicly known to be in the state of grace, that, is not a schismatic nor has the public reputation of being an impenitent sinner.

The latter is certainly true: he is not penitent.  The former is highly probably. Therefore, prudence requires that we conclude that participation in this act is morally a grave deviation from the good.

Therefore, everyone should explicitly refuse to participate and consent to this consecration on March 25, so long as it is in communion with this public sinner, as they are putting them selves, otherwise, in grave danger, the gravest of dangers.

UPDATE: My instincts were 100% correct:
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44 thoughts on “Are you about to be consecrated to Satan?”

  1. I would rather adopt the attitude of prophet Elijah on Mount Carmel, exhorting the false prophets : 1 Kings 18:

    “ 27 At noon Elijah began to taunt them. “Shout louder!” he said. “Surely he is a god! Perhaps he is deep in thought, or busy, or traveling. Maybe he is sleeping and must be awakened.” 28 So they shouted louder and slashed themselves with swords and spears, as was their custom, until their blood flowed. 29 Midday passed, and they continued their frantic prophesying until the time for the evening sacrifice. But there was no response, no one answered, no one paid attention.”

  2. Having recourse to the Immaculate (via the Brown Scapular, Miraculous Medal & recitation of the Rosary), no matter what else may transpire, is certainly protection against the wiles of the Enemy.

    For those who can, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on Friday would make for excellent reparation against any sacrilege which may be perpetrated on its Solemnity.

  3. My hope: Psalm 17 (LXX) [26] With the holy, thou wilt be holy; and with the innocent man thou wilt be innocent. [27] And with the elect thou wilt be elect: and with the perverse thou wilt be perverted. [with the crooked you will show yourself cunning]

  4. Yes I was rather worried about this …perhaps St Michael and all the Angels of Heaven can’s astounding the response of everyone ….this could be very bad ….

    1. That which encourages men to be spiritually reckless out of false hope, is always of Satan the deceiver.

  5. Br. Alexis, I have posted your timely thoughts to Facebook so more blind Catholics may see.

    1. Let us pray, for alas, we living in an age, where men have eyes to see, but do not want to see, because they prefer the darkness.

  6. I just cannot believe what we’re passing through these last several years. Especially in the church and the Vatican. Where on earth did this man Bergoglio emerged from? What is his goal? A satanist? Unbelievable! Is he going to attempt a consecration? My my, the evil that will fall upon him!

  7. Bergoglio has no papal authority to make this consecration. God & the Virgin will ignore him.
    The genuine pope CAN make a genuine consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart in his private chapel, with the intention of uniting all the worlds bishops with him in making this consecration: bishops who in sincerity of heart “make the consecration in union with the Pope” –even if they are not sure who the pope is.
    Bergoglio’s proposed prayer is a “dog’s breakfast” with everything but the kitchen sink thrown into it; however, the words “Consecrate . . .Russia” do occur, so there is a decent chance that this consecration said by Pope Benedict with the world’s bishops might be accepted by Heaven.

    IfGod finds it acceptable, we should know soon: if peace suddenly breaks out in Ukraine, Putin has a St Paul style conversion, or he Providentially drops dead . If this latest attempt is not acceptable, Europe & America will be dragged into WW III.

    In God’s good time the truth about the acceptability of this consecration will be revealed; and all deeds, good or bad, done in secret will eventually be revealed in the light of Christ’s Truth .

  8. Ann Barnhardt today confirms that he mentions pacha mama in the text of the consecration that was released. Interestingly, not in the English text, only the spanish, Italian, etc: “What “terra del Cielo” literally means is “the land in the sky”… AND GUESS WHO GOES BY THAT TITLE??? Yup. The Pachamama demon. The “land in the sky” is one of the Pachademon’s “domains”, and “tierra del cielo” is a Pachamama title. It is “wenu mapu” in the Mapuche language and religion.”

      1. Damn (literally!)
        My good and holy pastor is making this consecration 9in English) in our parish this afternoon.
        I was going to go, and mentally unite myself with whatever words Pope Benedict will say, however now I think I shall take a walk and do this mentally, whilst saying the rosary for Our Lady’s intentions.

    1. I read the english translation and it wasn’t in there, however “Queen of the human family” was, which is not one of the blessed virgin’s titles.

  9. Thank you Br Alexis to clarify it for us , as much as we would like Our Lady of Fatima’s request to be fulfilled , it should be done the right way.

  10. Sconsigliatissimo partecipare a questa falsa consacrazione.
    Meglio unirsi alla preghiera di Benedetto 16′ in quello stesso giorno, che sicuramente non avrà le stesse intenzioni dell’antipapa regnante.

    Curioso per gli italiani potrebbe essere anche il fatto che la data del 25 marzo è il giorno in cui Dante Alighieri, nella Divina Commedia comincia il suo viaggio dentro l’inferno.

    Grazie fra Alexis.
    Condivido in pieno il Suo pensiero

  11. Garden of Eden Trap-MASONIC consecration equals SATANIC consecration

    The so called ”bergoglio consecration” of humanity, when fully digested, is right out of the Garden of Eden Playbook of satan.

    The words and obvious spirit of this released script of ”consecration” are undeniably freemasonic,
    and freemasonry is indisputably the enemy of JESUS CHRIST and HIS ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC CHURCH.

    Any one who participates will be fed / led into the grips of the evil one himself [World War 3???] and possibly find themselves involved with satan as he convinces the multitudes of Catholic priests, Catholic bishops, religious, laity, consecrated souls to
    to be the FALLEN ONES of this evil age duped by the apostate bergoglio as they join him on behalf of his god.

    bergoglio is challenging GOD and blasphemously insulting HIS MOST HOLY MOTHER, OUR QUEEN OF HEAVEN AND EARTH on this MOST HOLY FEAST OF THE ANNUNCIATION.

    This is a premeditated attempt of EVIL INTENTION toward the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY andTHE HOLY TRINITY on behalf of bergoglio’s father satan.

    GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED, and HE will not allow HIS MOTHER to be insulted and dishonored.


  12. Bingo! Thank you so very much for this warning and reminder.

    Catholics! Labyrinths are NOT Christian but from the occult!
    We must remember all the occultic Labyrinths on the grounds of Catholic parishes worldwide! I have been collecting websites and images of same for years. These labyrinths must be destroyed; they are likely masonic – take a look at Maps of Labyrinths in North America, Mexico, Ireland, Australia, and the U.K.:

  13. I tend to reserve judgement and take a wait and see approach to all this.

    If Francis is not the Pope, then why has Benedict said he was several times. If the resignation wasn’t legitimate, then why has Benedict said it was. Benedict is as responsible for this confusion and Francis is. It’s hard to know what to do. All the Catholic leaders are saying Francis is pope, but a few laity are saying he is not, but make an excellent case.

    The only way I can see to proceed is to act as if Francis is Pope, until you the Church says he isn’t. We shouldn’t blindly follow him, but we should be very cautious about what he says and does. The way I see it, at best Francis is a bad pope, and at worst a false one.

    1. B16 has NEVER called Bergoglio the pope. Fact. And Fact Checked by Cionci.
      B16 has never said that his renunciation of ministry was an abdication. Fact. Fact Checked by Cionci.
      Archbishop Lenga and Bishop Gracida say Bergoglio is not and never was the Pope. And they have not been excommunicated for saying it. Fact. Fact checked by published reports here at FromRome.
      Canon 40 + 41 require that you act as if B16 is the pope until the Church says otherwise by a Council or when he dies. This is the law.

      So you see, you are operating on many falsehoods being true. And you need to straighten yourself out, rather that impose that on others.

  14. This fiasco is nothing more than an antipope and antichurch preparing to dupe two generations of uncatechized, naïve, post-conciliar, Vatican II “Catholics.”

    Freemasonry sodomites have taken complete control of the antichurch.

  15. If people go with good intent in their hearts that is all that matters. Our Lady will Conquer even in the mist of Evil. Fear not.

    1. Saint Alphonsus dei Liguori says that the roads of Hell are paved with the skulls of those who had good intent, but sinned.

  16. I fully agree with you and now increasingly more commentators, including Ann Barnhardt, Mark Docherty and Frank Walker that tomorrow’s “consecration” will be invalid at very best, but looks more like an abomination.

    However, knowing that too many Catholics still hold on to the possibility of Bergoglio being pope, I think it is still worth demolishing the words themselves for their benefit.

    The English text of the faux consecration includes the key sentence:

    “Therefore, Mother of God and our Mother, to your Immaculate Heart we solemnly entrust and consecrate ourselves, the Church and all humanity, especially Russia and Ukraine.”

    However, what Our Lady had relayed to Sister Lucy was to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.

    There is a key difference between Russia and the people of Russia – the former includes the latter, but also includes the territory and much more – arguably the culture, language, laws, “state” etc. It is akin to the distinction between Israel and the people of Israel.

    1. Well, any layman can say the Mass reading the same words from the Missal as a priest would. Should we attend that service? Certainly not. Same thing if an Antipope says mass or reads any prayer, even if correct.

  17. It appears as of today that the SSPX is onboard with the faux consecration. How incredibly sad.

  18. So the Barnhardt remarks were mentioned in a traditional Catholic channel’s chatroom. The chatroom owner said that person (Barnhardt) should * never* be mentioned in his chatroom or the poster will be banned from the chatroom because she is crazy. Same with a FSSP priest- he said do not read her website, she is crazy and has “daddy issues”. That said, she and scholars made compelling points. When I saw the Vatican light show on 12/8/2015 and Bergoglio accepting a blasphemous sickle and hammer crucifix, making heretical statements etc. that tells me he likely is an antipope. It is like warning others a hurricane is coming but because messenger is not a meteorologist, she is crazy and must be put away. I suppose women must keep their mouth shut unless they have a degree and are validated by men – tell that to St Joan of Arc or Saint Catherine of Siena. I will attend Mass and offer it tomorrow. Like Rich, I will judge this consecration by its fruits.

    1. Barnhardt is not crazy. She is one of the sanest Catholic influencers around. You may not like the way she says it, but remember she is a convert from Protestantism, where they have different habits of propriety. Many Catholics think she is shouting. But she shouts more frequently than not when one ought to.

    1. Well since Bergoglio is a known Pachamama woshipper and not a Ukrainian, one would have a difficult time proving that he intended some bad translation of the Ukrainian in Italian, than a title for Pachamama whom he worships without penitence. As for the Ukrainian, let us wait, but the concept of the virgin soil out of which sprouted the stump of Jesse is an ancient concept. But its the heavenly or celestial earth, not the earth of Heaven, which is nonsensicle. So the Terra del Chielo also makes no sense in the Italian, since in Italian you can say, La terra celeste and render the concept perfectly intelligible without confusion. Recourse to confusing or equivocal terms is the sign always of a Satanist, deciever and modernist.

  19. Remember the beatification Mass of Jacinta and Francesco ,black candles flanking the Altar,when have black candles ever been used at an Altar for Mass ? The Altar front was also black ,it was very gloomy and depressing .

    1. It is also satanic. But I do not remember black candles, only black antependium on the altar.

  20. There’s nothing that Jorge Bergoglio craves more than attention. It was only a matter of time before he got the idea to draw the Catholic world’s attention to himself by performing a faux consecration of Russia.
    Bergoglio is an egocentric actor bought and paid for by the globalists to facilitate their NWO. He is not a Catholic, he is a heretic, and heretics can’t be popes.

  21. THANK YOU again Br. Alexis for your showing how far reaching these Satanic deceptions have gone even into the minds of otherwise very good Catholics! Who cannot now see that this fake consecration is the opening to the greatest deception Satan has ever planned for humanity (and specifically spoken of in 2 Thess 2:7-12) and especially “Catholics” who refuse to admit Francis is and could never be the Vicar of Christ.
    I would also add that even in the English version that injects “Queen of humanity” is also a reference to the Pachamama goddess NOT to Our Holy Mother because Genesis 3:15 is clear that “The Woman,” which is Holy Mary, the second Eve,, that with Christ and by the Holy Spirit gives us the Second Birth, is Mother to only part of humanity, which would include OT saints who would qualify for the New Birth following the Atonement! The remainder of humanity, because they remain only the offspring of fallen Adam and Eve, are actually the seed of Satan bound by him, God knowing thy will never repent. The “Queen of all humanaity” then is also the false “universalist” (“all are saved” “no Hell”) Globalist’s goddess Pachamama.

  22. I applaud your article , perfect sense in these times , not much else to say but get ready we’ve seen and felt nothing yet, this treason of Mary is also against her son Jesus , let’s remember what ever a pope let’s loose on earth he sends to heaven , last note I witness at two chapels I attend to true faith instead they keep treating God as a dead object in two minutes there out the door That’s A Fact In Christo Et Maria

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