NEW ZEALAND: As of April 4th, DeathVaxx Passport no longer mandated

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3 thoughts on “NEW ZEALAND: As of April 4th, DeathVaxx Passport no longer mandated”

  1. This atheist witch went from 800k salary to $25 million in 2021.
    Over 26000 businesses are gone here.
    People who lost their businesses, jobs, savings, camped outside the masonic beehive for weeks. They were treated like garbage, and called a small group, and chased away. She was not interested in listening to “her” citizens trying to get their voices heard. After they were kicked out, she inspected the lawn, and cared more about that.
    Now she tries to look like a saviour again, maybe trying to gain points if they accept refugees, but it’s mostly about getting tourists back, so the draconian nonsense restrictions has to go fast. New Zealand is a socialist, Freemason, Scientology controlled, postcard country, that almost only survives on foreign exchange students and tourism. That is $25 Billions annually just from those two.
    Not sure how most of the tourism industry, which is now gone, thanks to her Chinese CCP inspired covid hell measures, will bring in any of that money?
    I can’t stand her fake smiling, and her speaking to people like a kindergarten teacher. To bad most kiwis and permanent residents are weak-minded morons, that fell for all the deceptions and lies, and took the clot shot, and still take boosters every three months. Not sure how many will be alive in a few years time after all the vacs and boosters, but the country is considered a so called safe haven, orEden, for billionaires and technocrats. She sinks her own country and ruin lives, but that does not bother her at all.
    May God punish this globalist and atheist whore in severe pain!

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