2 thoughts on “Bergoglio uses Covid as a pretext to steal property of Benedictines in Perugia”

  1. Henry VIII: consent to my leadership of the Church & my marriage to Boleyn or your monastery will be confiscated.

    Bergoglio: submit to The Jab & Homosexuality or your monastery will be closed/your see taken from you.

    And still, there are folk “hopeful” about tomorrow. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least were the plagues of Egypt to descend in one fell swoop….

  2. Pope as TYRANICAL as King George III of England during the American Revolution. Will NEVER obey this Anti-Pope seeking to destroy the Church created by Jesus Christ. Perpetrating this injustice upon little Cloistered Nuns is repugnant and there’s no doubt the heresy and apostacy of this sinister man will utterly negate the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady of Fatima; if not raise every demon of hell to attack the world.

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