4 thoughts on “CANADA: The Covid Data the Govt. no longer wants to talk about”

  1. The “fact checker’s” have done a 404 on your attempt to post ‘Dr. M*r*tt interviews Dr. M*d*j: The Horrors now happening to the xxxxxxed’. Totally disappeared it.
    Let’s see if you get this message. . . 🙂

    1. I posted this video, since I respect both of the Drs. in it. But as I listened to it, they both denied Scripture and started talking about aliens, and so I decided to pull it. But some of you got the notification before I could.

  2. He made profit of the Kings with Lipid used for delivery of ‘Gene Therapy’ which has resulted in Reproductive Health issues, if not fertility, for women…Among numerous other diseases associated with this POISON. Trudeau will regret all he’s done this last year. His political life in Canada is THROUGH and now he can go to his step-Father in Davos, Klaus Schwab who claims such PRIDE in him or to Xi who he admires greatly as a Dictator squashing ‘The People’. Cuba would maybe claim him.

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