Russian Federation Forces are shooting Ukrainian Protesters in the streets

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One thought on “Russian Federation Forces are shooting Ukrainian Protesters in the streets”

  1. The young forgot the ‘Bad Old Days’ when Communism ruled and nobody wore colors, had full markets, cell phones, and the ability to get western goods and culture with the push of a few buttons. Young people here in the states CAN’T relate with that world of bombs and open fire in the Town Square in protest of anything. Antifa/BLM SHOULD have to deal with THIS since they are STUPID ENOUGH TO BELIEVE IT IS WHAT THEY WANT. The world has become spoiled with security and safety…Time to WAKE-UP and smell the coffee and pray once in a while to thank ‘Our God for our lives and blessings…To help appease for that cup running over with wrath. Sweetest Jesus, be with me…All I do, I do for thee. All for thee, Oh Heart of Jesus. Please help the people in this place of war…To lead those attacking to back off and go away.

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