Commander of Azov Battalion: There are no Nazis in our unit

Editor’s Note: This article, in Italian, has been published by the Marxist Daily, La Repubblica. I won’t translate it from the Italian, because it is mostly of interest to Italians, and because those in the English-speaking world, who hold that Azov are Nazis, would not care to read it anyway.  — Once again I am vindicated. I hate repeating it, but there is a lot of hate in the comms, and this is my only constructive way of addressing it, to publish facts and testimonies.

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10 thoughts on “Commander of Azov Battalion: There are no Nazis in our unit”

  1. Brother Brugnolo,

    I try to make up my own mind about the situation, as difficult as it is. But I cannot but notice that those very same criminal newspapers that pushed the covid jab agenda like crazy (and Repubblica is maybe the worst among them), now are pushing the “Ukrania GOOD, Russia BAD” vision of the current situation with the same vehemence. Isn’t that suspicious?

    1. If your own country was invaded by China, would you hesitate to assist in the defense, because those same creeps terrorized you in the Scamdemic? Thank about that and you will have your answer. In war, one does not judge those who defend the innocent, one simply defends the innocent. The necessity of quick and decisive action puts many controversies on the back burner, though it does not eliminate them.

    2. Roberto

      I too was not convinced two weeks ago, but now I am. What changed my mind was that Russia did not follow just war principles. The threat of an attack against them was not imminent, and they did noy exhaust all diplomatic alternatives. God can hardly support Russia if it does not follow his law.

      This does not mean that the Ukrainian government and the west is without blame. The US has pushed for Nato expansionism and entertained including Ukraine, which is a clear red line for Russia. And in my opinion, the Ukrainian government did not consider the security needs of its neighbor by constantly pushing for being included in Nato. But that still did noy justify Russia to invade Ukraine.

  2. I can tell you what I see by their videos and news that leaks out of Our Lady’s city they defend by themselves, they fight so fierce, the Russians still can’t take the city. Would Nazis fight like this to defend Our Lady’s city Mariupol?

  3. THIS IS REDUNDANT. From the moment Russia crossed the Border; they were WRONG. Diplomacy was ALWAY an option and Russia KNEW THAT. It is the WEF’s ORDERS creating this war and that’s just the way it is. This war is NOT about the U.S. in any way and it’s not about corruption, although, CORRUPTION is everywhere and worse with the WEF/CCP Cabal TRYING to Take Over. IT’S ABOUT THE MINERALS IN EASTERN UKRAINE. The Russians wish to claim as many rare-Earth minerals as possible JUST LIKE THE CCP BEFORE good ole Xi and Klaus Schwab puts the Kabosh on the World Economy…By changing currency to Digital to Control every person on the Planet. Sad fact is the fraud/cheats installed into U.S. Govt are puppets of the WEF/CCP Cabal and they work in concert with the WEF/CCP Cabal’s wishes…To DESTROY THE U.S.

  4. “Thanks” for not publishing my comment Br Bugnolo, that was not in line with your personal narrative.
    Now I know you are also censoring criticism just like mainstream media does. No freedom of speech.

    I still love you like a brother in Christ and forgive you but this thing you did made me disappointed.
    Will not visit this page anymore and no more funding from me to you.

    God bless

    1. Joel, if you read the About page, you will see that I never promised my readers to publish every single comment. And indeed, I publish not even half of them. So if you feel offended, that is not my problem. Anyone who uses social media should inform themselves about comment policies and procedures. I have been on the internet since 1991, so perhaps I presume people know this, but they do not. So I am not surprised by the commment now and then of an outraged prospective commentator who does not know these things. But they should inform themselves. So I gladly publish this your comment so that others know how to avoid internet rage over something that can be simply avoided.

  5. Azov are Nazis and there are other battalions as well. you can see it all on telegram. the mainstream has just started to report in newspapers but they don’t tell you much.

    1. I have never met a Nazi who says he is not a Nazi. So how you interpret their behavior and views, is your responsibility. Are they what we would call in the USA authoritarian, nationalistic, in the political sense? or do they read Mein Kampf? You know that Hitler’s armed forced killed nearly 10 million Ukrainians, so how would you explain Ukrainians being real Nazis. I have also published an article showing that their financier is a Jew and he founded these groups to protect his investments in the Donbas. Is he a sort of fascist, or is the right wing thing simply publicity to hide the fact that Azov are really just a paramilitary sponsored by a powerful man to take control politically the area where he has his investments. — In addition, if you hold that it is just to destroy a nation because they have 2, 4 8 or a few thousand Naxis, then why do you not advocate that about your own country, where you probably have just as many? You know, there are neo Nazis in the USA, Canada, France, UK, Spain and Italy? Even in Germany. Why not talk about them? — So when all is said and done, whether there are or are not does not justify Russia’s invasion of a country which is 99.999 percent non-Naxi.

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