Feb. 22 was significant, after all

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

On January 1, 2022, I forewarned of the next Globalist plot, which would begin on Feb. 22, 2022:

Here is my article of that day:

I admit, I was off by 99 minutes. But who trifles. 2/22+2-22+2:22+99=666+99. And 99 is but 66 upside down. So there is a devilry about their obsession with numerology.  And why would Putin do this if he were not a Freemason Globalist, or a pawn receiving orders from them?

At 4 A.M. on Feb. 22, 2022, Vladimir Putin, put in power by the WEF, declared a special military operation against Ukraine.

Zhirik (Vladimir Zhirinovsky), seen in the video above, is leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, an ardent Russian nationalist who supports the idea of a return to Soviet Imperialism.

The consequence of this date being the decision of Putin to start the war appears to mean, that if you support Russia in the Russia-Ukrainian War, in any sense, then you are supporting an operation of World Freemasonry, planned to destroy Christianity. And that puts you on the wrong side of Salvation History.

I hate to say it, but I will say it again: I am vindicated in my support for Ukraine and Ukrainians.

I will remind everyone, to expect something on April 16, 2022, the 3333 day after Benedict XVI left the scene.

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12 thoughts on “Feb. 22 was significant, after all”

  1. Wow, no wonder the Masons and their puppet masters did all they could to disrupt us with knocks and everything else, we found them out.

    1. I do not know. He is a jew, and he is a man of low morals, and he has a billionaire Jewish patron who own mines in the Donbas, who probably is. He is a zealous defender of Ukraine bc that what his patron needs to keep his $.

  2. Simple test – Ask any high level Freemason whether he’s on friendly terms with Putin.

  3. According to GIOELE MAGALDI (a freemason),
    Vladimir Putin belonged to the GOLDEN EURASIA LODGE,
    based in Berlin. Along with the young Angela Merkel.

    He was finger-picked by Russian president Boris Yeltsyn…
    one that was kept alive by President Bill Clinton, when
    He sent to Moscow an airplane plenty of the most advanced medical instruments and the best cardiologist in the USA.

    PS-> I had sent to TIME magazine a full review of a Nostradamus’ quatrain where anybody could read “BORISTHENNES PREMIER VIENDRA A FAILLIR”…
    Premier Boris, or the premier of the Boristhennes Dniepr
    (the main river of Ucraina)… WILL DIE.

  4. Ok so the masons are into some kind of occult mumbo and you are into numerology, which in its function is completely reductionist … lots of blind occultists beating at piñata’s in the dark, IMO. You all are really into trying to figure out and control all the worldly maya/illusion/matrix cow dung, aren’t you? Totally lost souls playing poker in the negative power’s domain, where the house always wins b/c there is no lasting repose in silence, peace and equanimity here, only the so-called 10 deadly sins having their way with everybody.

    1. Calumny is a mortal sin. Contumly is also a mortal sin. If you were a regular reader of FromRome.Info you would know that as editor I do not condone numerology, but I do recognize that the Masons who run the show, do. And so from time to time I report about their numerologic superstituions to shed light on their agenda and its timing.

      1. Brother, can you please explain why these particular numbers are important to the globalists/freemasons?

      2. In Masonic numerology, 33 represents the third of the Angels who rebelled from God under the leadership of Lucifer. And 66 represents the union of those angels with the members of the Masonic Lodge, whose ideal is that each member be inspired by a companion demon. All the other numbers play on this, or the 666 which is the number of the Antichrist.

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