5 thoughts on “If Putin is a Christian liberator, why did he just appoint a Jew to the Peace Talks?”

    1. Actually not, according to the meaning of the word, “Jew”. You see, that in Scripture this word does not exist. The word is Judean of the house of Judah. The English word refers instead to those who claim descent via their maternal line to survivors of the Roman purge of Judeah in the 1st and second century. Whereas in Scripture a Judean was either an inhabitant of Judah or a member of the tribe of Judah. So St. Paul, who was a member of the tribe of Benjamin, was Judean in the geographical sense. But Our Lord and Saint Joseph were of the House of David, and thus Judean in the sense of blood, though they lived in Galilee. Our Lady was of the House of Aaron according to Her paternal lineage and of David by her maternal. St. Elisabeth was of the House of Aaron.

    Putin appointed a Jew to be on the same level of religious debate as Zelensky ….because Zelensky is a Jew.


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