Ukrainian Refugees hated by so many “Conservatives” are Anti-Vaxxers

This one is for all who called FromRome.Info and Br. Bugnolo “globalist shills” for supporting Ukrainians. Turns out it was you who were the globalist shills. Br. Bugnolo has faithfully continued his support for Anti-Vaxxers.

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5 thoughts on “Ukrainian Refugees hated by so many “Conservatives” are Anti-Vaxxers”

  1. Sorry, I wasn’t aware that conservatives (in which countries?) hated Ukrainian refugees?

    1. In the USA and Italy, they are saying that Putin is justified and that the Ukrainians deserve it.

  2. Welcome to Germany!! You escaped being shot back home, but now we want to shoot you up here with the Death Vaxx !! They want to kill “em either way! Ggggreat Reset!!!!

  3. Perhaps, the Wackocrats are correct to refer to the Conservatives as ‘Nazis’. Fact is, the Govt. have been fascist and governed by UNELECTED Corporatist Billionaires for quite some time…’The WEF/CCP Cabal’ is the UNELECTED Govt. behind the Govt. It has saturated both sides of the aisle in the U.S. Odd…You report U.S. and Italy to be the countries supporting Russia; and both countries are also saturated with Chinese Nationals and the first in the world INFECTED when data was sparce and information for treatment non-existent. It’s not you, Br. Too many people have no knowledge of ethics/morals as catechism has been poorly taught since Vat. II. This situation has occurred as PLANNED on the heels of the ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ of the Bio Warfare portion of the chaos and confusion…People are not logical and rational. There’s some kind of demonic BLOCK for many people. Maybe, it’s related to Churches being shut down…Who knows?

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