Anonymous hacks & publishes Records of Central Bank of Russia

These records will be a vital database for all legal claims, going forward, for Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, and crimes committed in other nations. They are an important archive for world history too to reveal just how much Bankers control governments, and just how self-serving is the government of Vladimir Putin and the Russian and Jewish Oligarchs around him.

This file is more than 20 Gigabytes in size, so use a fast connection and have patience.

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3 thoughts on “Anonymous hacks & publishes Records of Central Bank of Russia”

  1. OMGosh…About time the Hackers used their abilities to help the world instead of harm it.
    They can get into the rest of the totalitarian/authoritarian ‘Wanna-Be’ asses playing at being Superhero Antagonists Villians. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, Mary and Joseph…Prayer, Penance and Fasting has helped…And maybe, the Consecration by the real Pope worked?

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