Belarus is hiring Hezbollah to fight for Russia

This one is for all those who think that Russia is fighting to restore Christianity.  Hezbollah is the terrorist-cult organization sponsored by Iran.

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5 thoughts on “Belarus is hiring Hezbollah to fight for Russia”

  1. Translation: Death is their profession. “Hezbolla” sends militants for taking part in Ukrainian “special operations”.

    Not sure what the quotation marks intend. One response tweeted ” to go to a European boarder country to demand asylum”.

    It would be edifying to hear what Lebanese Catholics( loyal to B16…?) might say about all of this.

  2. I agree with you that we shouldn’t be siding with the Russia and the East in the conflict. But we shouldn’t be siding with the West either. Both sides are bad, there are no good guys.

    The Ukrainian government and military are basically a ventriloquist dummy for the United States. This is yet another proxy war by the west, a war that they’ve been trying to make happen for over a decade. We should help those suffering from the war, but we shouldn’t take sides. We should just wait and see how God works out these events.

    A defeat for the western powers might be what God want’s. Powers that have pushed feminism, abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, and pornography, and who have engaged in unjust war and fomented revolution all throughout the world. Remember that God used idolatrous Babylon and Rome to punish other nations. You should be cautious about what side you take because you might be resisting God.

    1. Rich, your argument is good, but it equivocates on Ukrainian govt. No one fighting against Russia in Ukraine, except a minority, are fighting for the govt. They are fighting for themselves, their families or for the families of others. Not even everyone in the country voted for Zelensky and there is a large percentage, though not majority, who would still not vote for him. Nor have I every said I was his supporter. But in modern times we often confuse the nation with the political regime which rules, because in the parliamentary system, the latter is called the government. So you are right about the government. We should never support a globalist govt. But we should always defend innocents and Christian families.

  3. Oh no, they are so very brutal and I fear for any Christians who cross paths with them. You are right, Russia is not trying to restore Christianity. I see the refugees who are fleeing the country and wonder if one day soon this will be Americans, because they are coming for Christians everywhere. I always knew we had evil people in this world but until the plandemic was rolled out and now this war I never knew there were so many of them.

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