How Bill Clinton threw Ukraine to the dogs

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3 thoughts on “How Bill Clinton threw Ukraine to the dogs”

  1. I always commented that this was an incredible “sacrifice”
    by the Ukrainians, and a risky one.
    It would had been better if they renounced only to the
    strategical nukes, give back Crimea to Russia and
    ensured themselves a status of “nuclear neutrality”.
    Every invading army (NATO or Russia) would had
    received a nuclear explosion over his head as a warning.

    But it is easy to reason “col senno di poi” (with the
    knowledge obtained after the events).

    If we hear many of the Catholic Prophets…
    Fatima’s, Hildegard of Bingen, Alois Irlmaier, Elena Aiello,
    Don Bosco, Cornacchiola, Nostradamus, we’ll surely
    know that THIS WAR MUST BE STOPPED NOW !!!!

    PS-> Several days ago, I sent a very frightening message
    to the “Sostituto Segretario di Stato Vaticano”… His
    excellence Edgar Parra Pegna. (He did not respond).

    PS-2-> But after that He sent me a condolence message
    after the death of my father in March the 3rd 2022,
    (vaccinated in April 25th)

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