Ironically, Bergoglio just proved to the World that he is not the Pope

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It has been 9 hours since Bergoglio did his consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart.

But there is no news of Icons dripping myrhh, celestial visions, mass conversions, or crowds of Russian outside of Catholic Churches in Russia seeking conversion.

Padre Pio, who no sane Catholic today doubts had extraordinary charismatic gifts, including prophecy, said that the conversion of Russia would happen in a twinkling of an eye, after the Consecration.

But it has not.

But all the conditions were fulfilled! will say all those deluded into thinking Bergoglio is Pope Francis.

But the chief and principle condition is that the true Pope do the consecration.

Therefore, Bergoglio cannot be the pope, because the other principle conditions were fulfilled.

In this we cannot forget, that the Consecration’s promised efficacy is to prove to the Catholic World, not only that God exists, that Jesus is the true Messiah, or that His Mother’s Heart is the model for all true religion, but also to show who is and who is not Christ’s real Vicar on earth.

The Conversion of Russia will be a sign that the entire Catholic Religion is true, every last part, not just that we should be devoted to the Immaculate Heart. And Why? Because in that Heart is all the Catholic Religion! It is the celestial Ark of the New Covenant.

And so the Conversion of Russia will be a sign of  that.

I wrote about this back in October:

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29 thoughts on “Ironically, Bergoglio just proved to the World that he is not the Pope”

  1. Twinkling of an eye is a literary term meaning very quickly. Quickly may mean soon , or a bit more time than Padre Pios off the cuff comment.
    Not disputing you, just making another off the cuff comment.

    1. This is true, so I will be republishing this article from time to time to exhaust all the literary significations. But as he said it in Italian, its not as extendible as in English, because Italians are realists by nature, not idealists.

      1. After a year and a day without obvious progress, hopefully people will realise.

        It is highly likely that Bergoglio will pass on to his judgement well within this time, unless he is healed by some fake “miracle”.

        Seven years – a week of years – at the very most!

  2. It is not pride if one is correct. So, thank you for another welcome “I told you so”.Now. in addition to canonical norm proof, there is mystical substantiation. If Russia will convert soon, what will its role be in “cleaning house” so to speak? Thank you, for your love of Our Lord and our Lady. VIVA IL PAPA!!!

    1. In things divine there is no partially acceptable, just as there is no such thing as partially pregnant.

    2. Catholic prophecy says post consecration they work for the Great Catholic Monarch, conquer Turkey in one day, Constantinople returns.

  3. We have to be careful: satan’s deceptions may still be powerful enough (and Putin is a satanic power). The prophecy is that “even the elected will be confused”. Let’s see what happens in the next days.

    1. Neil, I will answer your question: Any person who leads many to commit sin, especially grave sin, or to consent to grave sin, is working in concert with Satan. This is simple biblical teaching.

    2. I agree, from knowing people in that region here are the facts. USA in 2014 overthrew the elected government, they created a fake revolution, have put countless of sanctions on Russia, they were installed a Masonic Puppet,
      They have bio labs all over the Ukraine. How about Libya Iraq Afghanistan Palestine Syria etc. the list of the Masonic USA and the The National terrorist organization ,known as NATO, and their destruction of countries with their Satanical religion LGBQT is very long.
      It is getting beyond stupid, the boogie man story. USA has 800 military bases around the world. Who is the whore that rides the beast.
      USA government overthrew the elected President and installed the Biden Criminal Puppet. I see the NWO globalist as the perpetrators.
      The NWO Globalist want a Satanical Globalist Religion.

      1. Hey, FromRome.Info and OMC Radio TV has done more to expose this than any other outlet in the English speaking world of Catholic outlets. But that does not change the fact that it is unjust for Russia to wage war on Ukraine and kill innocents. If you do not use Christ’s rule of morals to assess a situation, then you are falling into an error of Russia, where everything is judged by political ideology without reference to actual morality or immorality of events. That irks a lot of Christians, because they have unconsciously imbibed Masonic culture.

    3. It is disturbing that Pope Francis does not have the humility – or the intelligence – to fear this prophesied deception. In their human frailty as sons of Adam, all Popes should fear the possibility that they could be the False Prophet. At the Last Supper the Apostles cried out, horrified at the thought that they could possibly betray our Lord. But Pope Francis arrogantly proclaims the false gospel as he “makes the straight paths crooked” for the coming of Antichrist.

  4. Having seen the consecration, there were no Pachamama statues anywhere, no plants in black bowls. Just a Bishop dressed in white reading a long prayer with some masonic references, and a strange title of our Lady amongst other traditional ones.

    Is it not possible that we will see both good and bad things flow from this consecration? Bad because it does not meet the requirements of heaven (the errors of Russia will continue to spread ans maybe accelerate) , and good because there are millions of people who have petitioned heaven for peace.

    1. A religious act is like a pregnancy. It is or it is not. There is no being half pregnant, and there is no prayer which is half efficacious. However, the consequence of recognizing the prayer was not efficacious can dispose to convincing it to be done again by the real pope correctly.

    I think that every ‘ miraculous turn’ of Russia and Ukraine after the so-called ‘consacration’ done by this false prophet will be the Final trap for both catholic and orthodox people whom are not aware about WHO Bergoglio really is! It will only lead to the official ONE World Religion. My opinion, of course. Because Russia can not convert to a False Catholic Church, meanwhile even the great majority of the catholics has to convert even them back to the True Catholic Church UNA CUM Benedict XVI.

  6. There’s a much simpler explanation on why Russia didn’t convert: Lúcia Santos’ predictions are made up, and were not provided by the Virgin Mary.

    1. I think that is what Masons would want you to believe. But if you do a little research you will see that 3 Atheist newspapers at Lisbon reported the Miracle of the Sun on Oct. 13, 1917 A. D. and took photos and 50 thousand witnessed it, many of whom gave testimony. So to say that Lucia made it all up, would be to deny the clear manifestations of a Divine Intervention. It would be psychotic to do that. And that is why the entire world will be judged on whether they accept the Message of Fatima or not, and this is why the Sacred Hierarchy is falling into total apostasy, because they are refusing to accept that Message sincerely and simply.

  7. Brother Bagnolo you do realize that if the Patriarchate of Moscow submits to the authority of the Pope and enters communion with the Catholic Church that that the 73% of Russians that are baptized Orthodox Christians will instantly become catholic, don’t you? I think you should no be so hasty to make proclamations.

    1. It’s Bugnolo, please. Bagnolo is a small bathtub. — That could not happen because, first of all, he does not hold the Catholic faith, and simply naming someone in the canon as Patriarch of Rome — which would be a fraud if he did not name Benedict XVI by the way — would be an act of supreme hypocrisy since ecclesial communion requires not only a unity of institutions but a unity of spirit and faith. Yes, Masons might try to arrange such a fraud as you conjecture, but that would not convert Russia, because it would not be a conversion just a political stunt.

  8. If a Bishop do the Consecration exteriorly but interiorly he doesnt want it to happen. Is that consecration valid? If not, would that oblige the pope to force every bishop under penalty of excomunication as the only way to properly fullfill the requirements?

    1. No, to your first question. And to your second, the profound conviction that obedience to God requires absolute subservience to His requests.

  9. It is not my belief but written in Canon Law that Bergoglio is not the Pope so I have to believe it. That makes it he’s not the Pope and so unfortunately the consecration was invalid. Thank you Br. Bognolo for your neat precise clarifications.

  10. Pope Benedict stated at the time he renounced the active ministry of the papal office that he was not abdicating the office itself because ‘that is forever’. This may even still be on the Vatican website.

    Pope Francis is therefor the ‘Acting Pope’. Benedict never abdicated the office of the papacy. Francis does not have the power of the Keys. Even if he was Catholic, he could still not fulfill the terms of our Lady’s request.

  11. “ Padre Pio … said that the conversion of Russia would happen in a twinkling of an eye, after the Consecration.”

    Some people are asking for a source, and I haven’t been able to find any…

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