Is Russia’s War for Christ or against Christ?

We report, you decide.

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11 thoughts on “Is Russia’s War for Christ or against Christ?”

  1. Brother Bagnolo, The allies relentlessly bombed Italy and German, destroying many churches and killing thousands of civilians. The United States dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan, a country that by that point in the war was looking to surrender to the United States. Nagasaki was the center of Catholicism in Japan and they flatted every catholic church in that city and killed many innocent Catholics, so I don’t get what your point is.

    1. That Russia’s war against Ukraine is not just. When Ukraine starts bombing Russian territory, we can talk again. For now, your argument does not hold. Because yes, even in a just war, a nation can wage the war unjustly. That makes it necessary for Christians to abstain from the unjust acts and condemn them and seek to force govts and leaders to stop and make reparations, as many good men and women have tried regarding the things you mentioned (Marshall Plan was in part that).

      1. We can argue the justness of this war. World war two started when Germany invaded Poland, and this war started when Ukraine invaded the separatist regions of Donbass and Luhansk. But it doesn’t seem you would argue that it was unjust for Brittan and France to wage war against Germany. I don’t see Russia’s escalation of this conflict as any different as France and Great Brittan declaring war on Germany for invading Poland.

        There are no good guys in this War, just one brutal secular regime (Ukraine) fighting another brutal secular regime (Russia).

        It seems to me that the reason this war started was because Ukraine was building up for a major offensive to wipe out the remaining separatist resistance. The Russians had tried to broker a peace agreement between the ethnic Russians of eastern Ukraine and the Ukrainian government for years to no success.

        The way I see it is that the Ukrainian government thought the United States would back them if they played hardball with Russia instead of negotiating with them, Russia called the U.S.’s bluff and now Ukraine is getting wrecked for it. And Ukraine, rather than agreeing to what are very reasonable terms. The recognition of the separatist republics, of Donbass, Luhansk and Crimea, it seems the would rather see their country destroyed on this fantasy that they are going to defeat Russia in head to head war.

      2. Rich, WW2 began yes, as you say, when Germany invaded Poland. To justify this attack Hitler organized a bunch of convicts of a mental assylum, drugged them up, put them in Polish uniforms and had them march from Poland into Germany, where they were shot as invaders. The UK and France declared war on Germany, justly, because they had a treaty with Poland to defend its territorial integrity. As for this war, it began last month. Donbas and Lutshank are parts of Ukraine recognized by all nations even Russia. The so called rebellion which began there in 2014 was incited by Russia who armed ans supplied the so-called separatists. The UN intervened after 6 years and held a plebicite, and both regions voted to stay with Ukraine. Russia’s invasion of the Crimea in 2014 gave Ukraine a causa belli against Russia, but she never used it, prefering peace. There was a verbal agreement of UK and the USA to defend the territorial integrity of Ukraine, but it was never a formal treaty, so they cannot declar war on Russia to defend Ukraine. — In war, it is not a question of which nation we prefer or consider more moral. It is a question of who violated the peace without cause. If you declare war, your cause can only be just if you have been attacked unjustly or are an ally of a nation which is attacked unjustly. Thus Russia in WW1 justly declared war on Austria after the latter attacked Serbia unjustly, but Germany unjustly declared war on Russia, because though she had a treat with Austria to do so, in such an eventuality, she could not justly abide by her treaty with Austria in such a case as that.

  2. Putin is not in Christ.
    He is probably the richest man in the world.
    He is a proven dictator.
    It is his war.
    This is a war of Christians against Christians.
    The devil couldn’t have wished any better.

    1. I do not think he is the richest man in the world. But I will grant that he is the most powerful, because he has nukes and a million man army and a lot of influence outside of Russia.

  3. The Russian war is purely Satanic with Lucifer’s puppets doing the NWO illuminati bidding to raise the Phoenix from the Ashes….

    john B

  4. ‘The Greatness of Mother Russia’ is the REASON THIS WAR HAS BEEN FANTASIZED by Putin for decades and undermining the United States with the west is the reason ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’ and Schwab has ordered it. IS GODLESS and Anti-Christ…Nothing about de-nazification and anti-corruption what-so-ever. Just utter crap propaganda of Putin seducing the west…Like Georgia and Chechnya.

  5. The Satanic, Illuminati Rothschildbank just kicked out the Russian bank. That is great: it confirms the remark of globalist
    Larry Fink that Putin has stopped the globalization.
    Hopefully many people will see the good news here.

    Now we can escape the evil plans of the globalists/wef etc. and their digital 24/7 control of all aspects of life:
    we can, if wished, in the future open a Russian bankaccount and remain free to pay cash or not.
    Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, decades ago announced that Russia would lead the world to liberty:
    for a longtime I had troubles to believe that, because Russia
    had a communist regime with communist presidents.
    And Putin was a KGB-agent , although an older really catholic
    lady told me years ago: Putin is a Catholic: I could not believe her then. ‘He wears a cross on his body, she added, and that he was an orthodox Catholic. But how can a kgb-agent be a catholic, I thought.
    But the above fact and earlier the condemnation by nazi ssschwab of Putin showed me that Putin did the right thing.
    He stands in the way of the great reset.
    And I am aware there is a huge amount of confusing information, conflicting information, an information fight between the msm and the independent media.
    That was and is also the case with the ‘virus’ thing.

    To Frà Bugnolo: concerning your present financial situation:
    when one window closes, God opens another one.
    (I quote now a compatriot of yours: she said that long time ago)

    1. I think you are grasping for straw, but I will allow your comment so that others can reply to your claims.

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